Video insights from the CAPA World Aviation Outlook Summit – Part 2

19 December, 2018

The latest decade has been one of relative stability for the aviation industry, but the tide has almost certainly now turned, and it is certainly not for the better. A rise in fuel costs, increased global trade restrictions, political uncertainty and the potential for excess capacity have been among the biggest influencing factors from the past 18 months. But, what can we expect for the year ahead? What are the risks and opportunities in 2019?

CAPA – Centre for Aviation attempted to address those questions with its World Aviation Outlook Summit, which had more than nine hours of agenda content designed to provide a market outlook for 2019 and review the commercial and operational pillars that will drive global airline strategic decision-making.

Here, in part two of our video review of the event, we highlight presentations on the future development of the industry and also showcase the market views from the keynote sessions with airline leaders at Lufthansa, Air Malta and Wizz Air.

The global macroeconomic outlook and implications for airline profitability - IATA, chief economist, Brian Pearce

Boeing Commercial Market Outlook - Boeing Commercial Airplanes, director, market forecasting, Wendy Sowers

Airbus Global Market Forecast - Airbus, SVP business analysis & market forecast, Bob Lange

Air travel: an engine of globalisation - Deutsche Lufthansa AG, chairman & CEO, Carsten Spohr

The future of flying: what’s next for air travel - Wizz Air, CEO, Jozsef Varadi

In conversation... Air Malta chairman Dr Charles Mangion