Video of the week - NDC and fares distribution: empowering agents

27 August, 2019

“NDC is like Brexit,” says Peter Muller, international board director at global travel management services specialist ATPI. “We know its coming, we know we have to be prepared for it, we think we know what it is going to deliver, we are seeing what it is delivering in the short-term, we have a vision on what we think it is going to deliver in the long-term, we know it’s going to change the landscape, but we are not 100% sure what that long game is going to look like.”

A great analogy that opened up a presentation from the executive at the recent CAPA – Centre for Aviation Australia Pacific Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit. Despite years of discussion around IATA’s NDC programme, few outside of Europe have had the opportunity to experience the new capabilities and see an example of what it’ll look like for agents around the world.

NDC was launched “to transform the way air products are retailed to corporations, leisure and business travellers”, but with the upgrade still in its infancy, clear and concise demonstrations have been few and far between.

In this demonstration, designed to be completely neutral and to highlight the true value that the TMC brings to the distribution conundrum, Mr Muller highlights how TMC consultants can compare products simultaneously, from a variety of different sources including NDC, Low Cost Carriers and GDS fares, all in the one environment.