Video of the week - The battle over the customer is at an all-time high

4 February, 2020

As technology and consumer behaviours change, so do the brands and experiences guests seek and value. It is the same whether you are an airline or a hotelier, businesses must adapt their mind-frames in order to stay relevant in a world full of alternatives.

After the deregulation of the airline industry, travel technology specialist Sabre has played an important role in enabling all aspects of a consumer's travel leveraging its competencies in operations research, computer science and advanced data analytics to solve complex problems that generate revenue or lead to operational efficiencies that reduce costs.

It is now increasingly taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) to drive new innovations. But, AI itself is not new having been first identified back in the 1950s in Alan Turing's landmark paper 'Computing Machinery and Intelligence,' which attempted to answer the question: "Can machines think?".

OK, the world has changed a lot since then, and we now live in an AI and machine learning-enabled landscape. Sabre, like others is working to enhance its offerings using such algorithms to deliver technological advancements. This is particular valuable in the competitive airline sector.

Sabre's vice president and general manager of travel solutions in Europe, Alessandro Ciancimino, believes the "battle over the customer is at an all-time high" and to remain competitive airlines will "have to know where their customers shop, pull more intelligence into the shopping experience and capture traveller attention". He believes that airlines should move away from the new long list of ancillary options that have pretty much become the new industry standard, and improve the relevancy of offers to the passenger.

LEARN MORE… Watch our exclusive interview with Alessandro Ciancimino, vice president and general manager of travel solutions for Sabre in Europe, recorded on the sidelines of the CAPA World Aviation Outlook Summit in Malta in Dec-2019.