Video of the week – One ID identity management solution uses biometric recognition to enable a seamless passenger experience

29 October, 2019

A collaborative identity management solution spanning across all stakeholders using biometric recognition could change the airport passenger experience. IATA’s One ID introduces an opportunity for the passenger to further streamline their journey with a document-free process based on identity management and biometric recognition.

The objective is to achieve a truly interoperable system coordination between airports, airlines and governments with passengers able to identify themselves at each airport touchpoint through a simple biometric recognition.

One ID seeks to introduce a robust, integrated identity management across the end-to-end passenger process that allows an individual to assert their identity online or in person. This, IATA says, should be done to the required level at every process step while maintaining the privacy of personal data.

Any project that entails holding personal data is a flashpoint, but it is clear that One ID will bring multiple benefits to all stakeholders: passengers, airlines/airports and governments.

For passengers that is a seamless experience with one single identification. Passengers will no longer need to juggle between different documents. With a single identification, they will be easily recognised by all service providers. This will eliminate repetitive processes, resulting in less queuing. Ultimately, it will enable passengers to arrive at the airport ready to fly in nearly every travel scenario.

For airlines and airports there will be cost-effectiveness and efficiency benefits. One ID will reduce time spent on manual ID checks. It will also provide real-time visibility of where passengers are in the airport process, possibly allowing smart queuing. This could help optimise airport space efficiency. Ultimately airlines will benefit from all the passenger process improvements with happy customers, which is likely to translate into commercial opportunities.

For governments it will deliver enhanced security. One ID will enable improvements in border, aviation and airport infrastructure security. It will help combat human trafficking and other cross-border criminal activities by reducing the possibility for individuals to cross borders under a false identity.

Celine Canu, head of aviation facilitation at IATA provided more insight into One ID during the CAPA Canada Aviation Summit in Winnipeg in Sep-2019.