Western Sydney Airport reveals digital and augmented reality technologies for Visitor Centre

31 October, 2018

Western Sydney Airport has revealed concepts for the airport's Visitor Centre, which will give the community the chance to watch the airport come build as it happens.

Western Sydney Airport chief executive Graham Millett said the visitor centre will use digital and augmented reality technologies to give the public an immersive experience.

"We want the public to be a part of the journey and discover the airport's story, particularly the benefits it will bring to the region in terms of jobs and opportunities," Mr Millett said.

"Floor-to-ceiling glass panels will offer a first-class view of the airport construction area.

"Augmented reality will allow visitors to see exactly where the runway and terminals will be built and what they will look like from the vantage point of the Visitor Centre."

Take a closer look at the intended visitor centre below:

Recent Western Sydney Airport news:

Western Sydney Airport commences initial earthworks, further 22m cubic metres to be shifted in 2019

Western Sydney Airport commenced (Sep-2018) initial earthworks, marking the start of the airport's construction programme. Highlights include:

  • Initial earthworks phase expected to take until the end of 2019;
  • Approximately 1.8 million cubic metres of earth to be moved;
  • Height difference between the highest and lowest points at the site equivalent to a 12 level building;
  • Initial earthworks to prepare the ground for eventual runway and terminal construction;
  • Major earthworks due to commence in 2019, with a further 22 million cubic metres of earth to be shifted;
  • 80 personnel to carry out the initial earthworks, with a further 11,000 jobs to be created over the course of the airport construction project.

Sydney Business Chamber welcomes start of 'real work' at Western Sydney Airport

Sydney Business Chamber western Sydney director David Borger welcomed (Sep-2018) the commencement of Western Sydney Airport's (WSA) construction programme as the start of "real work" at the Badgerys Creek site. Mr Borger added: "This is great news for the 30% of workers who live in western Sydney and commute outside the region to access jobs. The new airport will provide new job opportunities and assist in addressing the massive jobs deficit... With industry already setting up within the aerotropolis and a new major university planning to base itself next door, nothing can stop the airport now, it is finally a reality". WSA will support up to 28,000 direct and indirect jobs in western Sydney by 2031, five years after the airport's completion.