WEX Inc driving corporate payment solutions and innovation

24 April, 2018

WEX Inc may sit behind the scenes on your corporate travel programme, however the organisations innovation payment solutions drive key behaviours and opportunities for your business.

WEX describes its products and services as the best way to "simplify the complexities of payments systems across continents, and industries". With more than 3,300 associates in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia, they give their customers greater control over its business, resulting in smarter decisions, lower operating costs, higher efficiency and greater customer satisfaction.

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WEX's Innovative Payment Solutions

Virtual Payment Solutions: WEX offers payment security, efficiency and control by utilising virtual card numbers (VCNs) and other technologies to streamline the payments process, improve reporting and increase bottom-line savings.

Electronic AP Solutions: WEX allows businesses to optimise their payables process, enhance control and visibility while enriching the buyer/supplier relationship through accounts payable solutions.

Corporate Card Solutions: WEX's corporate card solutions provide management and control spending in areas like Purchasing, T&E and Fleet. With WEX, organisations can create spend policies, source preferred suppliers, track employee policy compliance, improve processes and reduce administrative costs.

The Blue Swan Daily recently caught up with WEX Inc Director, Market Development APAC Virtual Payments Justin Cross, to discover more about WEX's products and services and look to the future of payments around the world: