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Going supersonic – United’s Overture signing comes with strong caveats but still represents massive boost to Boom Aerospace’s supersonic aspirations and the return for high-speed air travel

4 June, 2021

The closure last month of Aerion Supersonic highlighted just how much of a technical challenge the proposed return of high-speed commercial air travel beyond the sound barrier truly is, especially with sustainability quite rightly a major topic right now. They were seen as one of the most likely among a raft of start-ups aiming to break into this market space, one that corporate travellers have been watching closely.

CAPA Live: The role of travel managers is changing – as we enter an new era of travel they have a unique opportunity to elevate their role

18 May, 2021

The past 12 months or so have given many organisations a time to pause and evaluate their business activities. This time has certainly put the role of travel managers in the spotlight and highlighted the valuable role they play within organisations.

A glimpse into the future – a hybrid approach to working from UK businesses may indicate a muted take-off for international corporate travel

7 May, 2021

A report this week from the BBC that four in five of Britain's biggest firms plan on adopting a 'hybrid' model of working in the post-COVID recovery highlights how senior management are looking differently on working arrangements. The same attention could also see changes in how they approach staff travel.

Charting the trends – Cryptocurrencies have become more widely accepted, but are already under threat and their use may ultimately be limited by the arrival of central bank digital currencies

6 May, 2021

The news this week that the iconic auction house Southerby’s will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments when it sells a copy of the 'Love is in the Air' Banksy painting highlights how cryptocurrencies are now firmly embedded in our financial system. The famed painting – described by Sotheby's as a “unique work” based on an artwork first sprayed onto a wall on Jerusalem – depicts a protester hurling a bouquet of flowers and is the first piece of auctioned fine art that can be paid for using cryptocurrencies. It has a reserve price of USD3-5 million.

Uber builds with CarTrawler to introduce Uber Rent concept in the US and meet the upturn in demand

3 May, 2021

After successfully offering availability in France, Australia and New Zealand and the United Kingdom, ride-hailing technology company Uber has expanded its partnership with B2B car rental and mobility platform Car Trawler to introduce its Uber Rent service in the United States of America.

The CEO perspective – airline bosses open up on COVID, the recovery, and the future of air travel

28 April, 2021

Over the first four months of 2021 airline CEOs from across the world have spoken openly at the monthly CAPA Live virtual summit about air travel, the coronavirus crisis and the path to recovery. To say 2020 and 2021 have been a challenge for these professionals is a major understatement and each shares the journey for their respective airlines through one of the biggest crises to hit the world.

The number’s game – the scale of corporate travel recovery remains uncertain, but there is generally growing optimism on its revival

27 April, 2021

“Random numbers should not be generated with a method chosen at random,” is a saying from Donald Ervin Knuth, an American computer scientist, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, and winner of the 1974 Turing Award. Right now there is still a feeling that attempting to correctly forecast the scale and timescale for the recovery of corporate travel is still little more than an educated guess.

CAPA Live: Complexity of travel has ‘dramatically increased’ due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

19 April, 2021

The complexity of travel "has dramatically increased" due to the coronavirus pandemic, said Paul Dear, senior director of global supplier strategy and management at travel and expense management software as a service specialist SAP Concur during the latest monthly edition of CAPA Live.

Charting the trends – leisure travel in America is set to push the US domestic airline industry to a COVID recovery by early 2022, but for international business travel uncertainty still prevails

8 April, 2021

Leisure travel in America will push the US domestic airline industry to a COVID recovery by early 2022, according to a new report from consulting firm Oliver Wyman. A year ago, we would have thought that a full domestic recovery in this timeframe for the US was almost impossible, but the combination of “pent-up demand, economic stimulus, and access to vaccines is making a difference,” says Tom Stalnaker, a partner and global aviation practice leader at Oliver Wyman.

The king is dead, long live the king! Low-cost long-haul remains unproven, but there is a gap for a value proposition in many international markets whether flying narrow or widebody jets

24 March, 2021

Regular travellers don’t necessarily get pulled in by low-cost –though admittedly they are happy to accept cheaper fares – but it is more about good value. Whether that is through service, convenience or even price, if we seem to get a good return on our investment then we can put a favourable rate on that offer.

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