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CAPA Live: Complexity of travel has ‘dramatically increased’ due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

19 April, 2021

The complexity of travel "has dramatically increased" due to the coronavirus pandemic, said Paul Dear, senior director of global supplier strategy and management at travel and expense management software as a service specialist SAP Concur during the latest monthly edition of CAPA Live.

Charting the trends – leisure travel in America is set to push the US domestic airline industry to a COVID recovery by early 2022, but for international business travel uncertainty still prevails

8 April, 2021

Leisure travel in America will push the US domestic airline industry to a COVID recovery by early 2022, according to a new report from consulting firm Oliver Wyman. A year ago, we would have thought that a full domestic recovery in this timeframe for the US was almost impossible, but the combination of “pent-up demand, economic stimulus, and access to vaccines is making a difference,” says Tom Stalnaker, a partner and global aviation practice leader at Oliver Wyman.

The king is dead, long live the king! Low-cost long-haul remains unproven, but there is a gap for a value proposition in many international markets whether flying narrow or widebody jets

24 March, 2021

Regular travellers don’t necessarily get pulled in by low-cost –though admittedly they are happy to accept cheaper fares – but it is more about good value. Whether that is through service, convenience or even price, if we seem to get a good return on our investment then we can put a favourable rate on that offer.

Charting the trends – US travel spending was down nearly USD500 billion in 2020 with -70% drop in business travel responsible for almost half the value of those losses

18 March, 2021

The impact of COVID-19 has been considerable and from an economic perspective that is not any more obvious than the annual 2020 figures on travel spending released this month by the US travel Association. The US economy lost nearly USD500 billion in lost travel spending, resulting in USD64 billion in missed federal, state, and local tax revenue since the pandemic hit the country in the beginning of Mar-2020.

We all crave the return of our freedom to travel, but COVID-19 vaccines and notably the requiring of proof of a vaccine will ultimately drive future growth rather than limit demand

17 March, 2021

There may be strong pent up demand for leisure travel and increasing number of business travellers that want to get back on the move, but we are still a long, long way from seeing levels return to post-Coronavirus pandemic numbers. Travel restrictions, especially in terms of international mobility, continue to inhibit the recovery of travel and tourism, but remain a key weapon in the arsenal of governments working to reduce COVID-19 spread.

The new travel mindset – privacy is the new luxury travel and safety the new top priority, while freedom, flexibility and sustainability will drive bookings among the strong pent up demand for travel

16 March, 2021

“While individual sentiments differ, one thing is clear: there’s a pent-up demand for travel and a clear appreciation for the benefits that it can bring,” says Audrey Hendley, president of American Express Travel about the findings of the latest edition of the American Express Travel: Global Travel Trends Report. The research provides some important insight into consumer sentiment toward travel around one year after the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Lufthansa puts 10-20% as the scale of corporate travel loss, but it is not overly concerned about the impact

9 March, 2021

When we talk about the importance of corporate travel to airlines, Lufthansa is often used as an example of one that relies on business travel. However, Lufthansa Group chief executive Carsten Spohr last week noted that the importance of this market has actually been following a downward trend over the past years.

Blacklane launches chauffeur hailing platform in New York, London, Dubai, Berlin and Paris; will extend its offer to 21 cities across 11 countries by end of Mar-2021

5 March, 2021

For many businesses and corporate travellers the idea of being able to enjoy the quality of a traditional chauffeur, with the convenience of riding within minutes of booking certainly is rather compelling. Plans can quickly change and the knowledge that you can secure a trusted, professional and safe ride within moments has lots of advantages, especially at a time that many may still feel uncomfortable travelling while COVID-19 remains a threat.

WHO warns it is ‘premature’ and ‘unrealistic’ to talk about COVID pandemic ending this year, the hotel industry continues to bleed, but we're seemingly accelerating toward controlling pandemic

3 March, 2021

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned it is “premature” and “unrealistic” to think that the pandemic might be over by the end of the year even if there is now clear evidence that the recent arrival of vaccines could at least help dramatically reduce hospitalisations and death.

Business travel as we knew it ‘is not coming back’ as we move from mass to meaningful travel

19 February, 2021

Travelling for business has emerged to be the type of travel people miss the least and as such it will likely mean it will be very different in type and scale in the future. Recent research of over 1,000 American adults by ClearPath Strategies for online accommodation marketplace Airbnb found that the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic has meant traveller mindsets have been altered and business travel is now the lowest of their priorities.

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