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The CEO perspective – airline bosses open up on COVID, the recovery, and the future of air travel

16 June, 2021

Over the first six months of 2021 airline CEOs from across the world have spoken openly at the monthly CAPA Live virtual summit about air travel, the coronavirus crisis and the path to recovery. To say 2020 and 2021 have been a challenge for these professionals is a major understatement and each shares the journey for their respective airlines through one of the biggest crises to hit the world.

Charting the trends – Chinese and Japanese travellers are most reluctant to travel far overseas, US and Brazilian travellers put Europe on hold, while August is perceived as most secure option for trips to the Continent

10 June, 2021

Airlines and hotels are starting to see lifts in bookings and traveller sentiment is strengthening in many parts of the world as vaccination programmes continue. As projected, the leisure and VFR markets are showing the strongest recovery, short-haul is ahead of long-haul and LCCs ahead of legacy models due to this current traveller demographic.

It’s time to get smart – funding and building the airport infrastructure of the future in a post-COVID world

9 June, 2021

The needs of passengers, airlines and airports will change irreversibly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and rapid advancements in technology. Some airports are already showing leadership along the path to building smart, more customer-centric and sustainable passenger terminals. From airline requirements and passenger processes, via immigration and security to shopping and food and beverage offers, the airport landscape will be different in the short-term and in some areas forever

Japan revealed as holding the world’s most powerful post-pandemic passport, but wealthy nations with premium passports still ‘flounder and fail’ through the health crisis

14 April, 2021

It is still hard to even conceive a time when travel restrictions will not limit our international travel freedoms, but we are slowly moving closer to a time when some normality will be restored. Right now there are clear and obvious discrepancies between those leading the recovery with advanced vaccination programmes and those that will be continuing to live in fear of coronavirus for a long time yet.

Aviation’s axis has been tilting East since the dawn of commercial air travel, but in 2020 it temporarily shifted forward 20 years in the space of just 12 months

13 April, 2021

Things change over time: we all get older, some wiser, and we hopefully learn from our mistakes. It was once believed that the Earth was flat. We all (well, the vast majority) now know that it's round, but did you know that is not a perfect sphere? It never has been! The planet actually bulges around the equator by an extra 0.3% as a result of the fact that it rotates about its axis.

The traditional airport business lounge could once again become a haven of tranquillity for corporate travellers and adapting concepts could deliver a key offer at international hub airports

29 March, 2021

In a world where our safety and well-being have become our priority, the airport business lounge will become a key part of any regular travellers travel requirements. Ahead of the coronavirus pandemic the power of such locations had become somewhat diluted reducing their appeal to corporates.

The light at the end of the tunnel is shining brighter as Singapore Airlines successfully trials IATA’s Travel Pass on first international flight

19 March, 2021

Singapore Airlines has this week become the first carrier in the world to carry passengers using the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass, a digital platform for travellers that offers a global and standardised solution to validate and authenticate all country regulations regarding COVID-19 travel requirements.

Bow-Tie Briefing – BIT or CAI? Regardless of name, new China – EU investment agreement offers key motivator for economic growth and positive opportunities for corporate travel (part 2)

8 March, 2021

In our last edition of Bow-Tie Briefing, we discussed the background of the China-EU Bilateral Investment Treaty” (BIT) or as the European side call it the “EU–China Comprehensive Agreement in Investment (CAI). President Xi Jinping of China stated: “It will greatly boost world economic recovery in the post-pandemic era, enhance the international community's confidence in economic globalisation and free trade, and enable the Chinese and EU's markets to make important contributions to building an open world economy”.

In a changing world, non-airline revenues have become a key growth driver

3 March, 2021

As the global COVID-19 pandemic has irreversibly changed the way we communicate, the way we travel and even the way we do business, digital platforms such as are finding their feet. Its CEO Karen Chan stated the company's top priority was to "maintain a growth trajectory amidst the slowdown in the economy” but anticipates that non-airline revenues will become the key growth driver and business priority.

The contribution from travel and tourism to GDP and employment ‘positively and significantly’ affects social progress

2 March, 2021

The recovery of travel and transport is not just vital for employment and global economies but also on the social progress of nations. New research from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), which represents global travel and tourism private sector, illustrates a clear correlation between the industry and social development.

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