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The contribution from travel and tourism to GDP and employment ‘positively and significantly’ affects social progress

2 March, 2021

The recovery of travel and transport is not just vital for employment and global economies but also on the social progress of nations. New research from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), which represents global travel and tourism private sector, illustrates a clear correlation between the industry and social development.

On the lighter side of life – the door to international travel is creaking open, but will we be better travellers that embrace the culture of the destinations we visit?

26 February, 2021

This past week, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed a governmental roadmap on the easing of lockdown restrictions across England, one of the countries hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. In what appears to be driven by a successful vaccination strategy, the guidelines – if they prove to be a sustainable schedule and coronavirus doesn’t taken on further serious mutations – provides incredible optimism for travellers, not just in the country, but across the world.

Charting the trends – flattening the demand curve as traditional volatility of European travel subsides while lockdowns inhibit future travel plans

18 February, 2021

The first half of 2021 will remain challenging in Europe, but there is increasing confidence that the second half will look a lot more positive with 3Q 2021 marking an expected easing of restrictions across many countries and the opening of the door to travel. This partly coincides with the normally busy summer season and the 01-Jun-2021 to 31-Aug-2021 window in particular could see an explosion of bookings.

Travel websites lost the most traffic in the UK in 2020, but 2021 already looks brighter and easyJet and Wizz Air offer positive prognosis

2 February, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our habits significantly, but how much of a lasting impression it will have is unclear. The travel and tourism industry has certainly been hit harder than many others and traveller habits are likely to be influenced for some time. New research into how UK web habits changed while we were locked down shows that travel websites and tourism platforms saw the biggest overall decline in online activity in 2020.

The travel sector needs to further ‘ingrain high health and hygiene standards in its DNA’ to create a safety culture as it has done with security

28 January, 2021

Where we travel and where we stay will be increasingly influenced by a range of new factors. Whether it is selecting a destination for a much-awaited leisure trip, or accommodation for an overnight business trip, health and hygiene will become one of the most important aspects as we return to travel.

Charting the trends – the predicted winter of discontent has become a reality as a COVID cold front deepens across Europe

28 January, 2021

Airlines can’t escape from the seasonality issues that define their operations. The majority rely on the peak travel periods to subsidise those tougher quieter periods of the year. Overcoming the issue of seasonality is one of the most significant issues impact airline and airport demand, but you can’t escape from the issue as passenger demand varies across all markets in some way even on some of the strongest city pairs.

Europe’s aviation industry is on the slide with IATA projections for 2021 and 2022 ‘a little short of a disaster for European air transport’

22 January, 2021

The summer of 2020 was unlike any other for Europe’s air transport system. Normally, a period of peak demand, ongoing international travel restrictions coupled with low traveller sentiment meant that while traffic levels were up considerably on previous months, they remained significantly down on previous years.

In a time of crisis cargo and e-commerce have proved more important than ever before

20 January, 2021

Air freight services are often given less attention than passenger operations. Yet, air cargo serves as a lifeline for many nations and also provides the foundation for the global supply chain. Yet, the nature of the cargo business demands operational flexibility and liberal operating rules to meet the needs of consumer businesses.

Your ride hail could come in any colour, but with FREE NOW it will soon only be ‘green’

19 January, 2021

It may not be among the best known ride hailing apps globally, but mobility as a service provider FREE NOW has strong sustainability goals that will certainly appeal to its European users. The Hamburg, Germany-headquartered business was formed in Feb-2019 as a joint venture between BMW and Daimler Mobility and now operates in more than 100 cities across Europe, with 14 million passengers and more than 150,000 drivers.

Healthy living – travellers will increasingly seek healthier solutions when they hit road

18 January, 2021

The next twelve months will be vital in the rebuilding of the travel and transport industry but as new lockdowns are underway, renewed border controls in place and a greater sense of fear grips the world, it will be an unclear and problematic journey, especially for the corporate travel sector: this will bring worries to businesses across multiple sectors.

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