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Paris and Zurich join Hong Kong as the world’s most expensive cities as COVID-19 crisis impacts worldwide cost of living

19 November, 2020

The new 2020 edition of the Worldwide Cost of Living (WCOL) report shows the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the cost of living in about 130 cities around the world since the start of 2020. The study from the Economist Intelligence Unit, the research and analysis division of The Economist Group and sister company to The Economist newspaper, shows that currency volatility, supply chain problems, the impact of taxes and subsidies, and shifts in consumer preferences is impacting the price of consumer goods.

An uncertain, slow and uneven recovery – Europe’s airports adapt to vastly altered aviation sector, but one that is set to be socially sustainable, competitive and more resilient

18 November, 2020

Europe was hit hard by the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and just as it was starting to appear nations had past the peak the relaxation of restrictions fuelled a second wave that has the potential to hurt harder as it coincides with the winter months. News of further vaccine successes provides some longer-term positivity, but right now the situation remains tough.

CAPA LIVE – candid executive opinions: airline CEOs speak out on COVID and industry recovery

17 November, 2020

As aviation and travel continues what can only be described as a period of darkness, the industry that emerges will look vastly different than it did before the COVID-19 outbreak. The implications are wide-ranging and highly disruptive. There will be winners and losers in the more constrained marketplace. “It is important to have some sort for a reality check,” said CAPA – Centre for Aviation’s chairman emeritus Peter Harbison during the latest edition of CAPA Live last week.

Coronavirus statistics snapshot – European lockdowns make their mark on flight levels as departures in western Europe reduce almost 20% this week influencing another reduction in global frequencies

11 November, 2020

New lockdowns in Europe have forced airlines to cull their schedules as governments limit mobility to get control of the second wave of COVID-19 infections currently spreading across many countries. These restrictive measures have seen airlines significantly reduce their offerings, even seen some small regional airports close for the rest of Nov-2020 until new guidance is issued once the benefits of the actions are seen.

Taking a ride – from LCC to full mobility platform, Wizz Air adds taxi and private transfer booking options to its app

9 November, 2020

Airlines are under unprecedented pressure and new operating models, innovative entrants, and further airline consolidation will create new difficulties and intense competitive pressure in the coming years. Married with heavily reduced demand levels in the short-term and lower than anticipated traffic levels through to the middle of the decade, it is going to be a tough time. Not everyone will survive, at least not in the form they are today.

Going solo – travellers are increasingly going alone as COVID restrictions sees rise in independent travel on either side of the Atlantic

5 November, 2020

This year has impacted everyone’s travel plans dramatically, but it has seemingly also changed the way we travel. Whether it is a business trip, a weekend break or a longer holiday it appears that more and more of us are going alone, according to new research from in-destination travel provider Welcome Pickups.

Going Places – industry appointment highlights for Oct-2020

5 November, 2020

The travel, tourism and aviation industries across the globe witness policy and upper level changes on a daily basis. It is important to not only keep tabs of these organisations direction, but to also monitor changes in executive branches to see the wider picture of the travel market. CTC - Corporate Travel Community aims to keep you informed of these movements each month, with a full wrap of the key changes across regional markets, while also featuring key appointments announced for the month.


4 November, 2020

This year the Corporate Travel Community (CTC) will feature some of the leading airlines, airports and country markets for air travel. Here, using the extensive profile insights available to CAPA – Centre for Aviation members to deliver a data snapshot at where they sit today in the Covid-19 impacted world, we look at Kuwait, an important business centre in the tip of the Persian Gulf and where air travel connectivity had reached new heights over the first two months of the year before COVID-19 changed the outlook.

Paris CDG jumps ahead of London Heathrow in the European traffic rankings; worryingly, many smaller regional airports are facing potential insolvency before the year end

29 October, 2020

In early Feb-2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic in its infancy CTC – Corporate Travel Community proclaimed that based on the continuation of recent annual growth rates that Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport would exceed traffic levels at London in 2020 to become Europe’s largest air gateway.

Emirates debuts integrated biometric path contactless experience at Dubai International and redesigned onboard experience as it prepares for expectant ‘robust’ recovery in demand

27 October, 2020

United Arab Emirates (UAE) carrier Emirates Airline says it is committed to “continuous innovation and an unmatched customer experience”. This has been seen previously in concepts such as the onboard showers for first class passengers on its Airbus 380 and continues today as it adapts to the current travel landscape. But, in the eyes of its president Sir Tim Clark, there is no such thing as the “new norm” and demand could return in “very robust manner”.

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