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Charting the trends – Chinese and Japanese travellers are most reluctant to travel far overseas, US and Brazilian travellers put Europe on hold, while August is perceived as most secure option for trips to the Continent

10 June, 2021

Airlines and hotels are starting to see lifts in bookings and traveller sentiment is strengthening in many parts of the world as vaccination programmes continue. As projected, the leisure and VFR markets are showing the strongest recovery, short-haul is ahead of long-haul and LCCs ahead of legacy models due to this current traveller demographic.

‘It’s easy to stand with the crowd, it takes courage to stand alone’ – air travel boost means we could see airport bottlenecks make a concerning return as travel restrictions are slowly eased

2 June, 2021

Back in Aug-2019, European airports welcomed more than 262 million passengers, according to data from ACI Europe, the European industry trade association which advances the collective interests of Europe's airports and promotes professional excellence in airport management and operations.

There’s a strong positive attitude and growing acceptance towards UAMs as they become key near term priorities

26 May, 2021

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is a new air transportation system for passengers and cargo in and around urban environments that is being enabled by developments such as the enhancement of battery technologies and electric propulsion for vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL).

Learning to live with COVID: when that day comes we can then truly continue along the recovery path

21 May, 2021

We all share different views on life. When it comes to the delicate balancing act of managing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and attempting to return to some form of normalcy opinions remain polarised. Many advocate the continued closure of borders and tight restrictions to ensure that coronavirus is kept under control, others feel that we can return to normal, travel back to our offices, eat in restaurants, drink in pubs and bars and even discard the masks and social distancing requirements that have become standard practice over the past year.

Charting the trends – we are on a path to higher air fares and airlines and their passengers in Europe could ultimately pay the price for ANSP’s failure to cut costs during the COVID-19 pandemic

20 May, 2021

When the biggest advocate of low fares in Europe warns about the cost of air travel rising then there is a need to take notice. Ryanair Group CEO Michael O’Leary may be known to say things to get media attention for the European LCC, but his warning that airline passengers will be hit hard for a fare hike in 2022 is a view that is shared by many in the industry.

There are ‘mixed prospects’ in Europe for summer 2021 as vaccine hurdles still deliver a very uneven playing field

11 May, 2021

As Europe works to accelerate vaccination programmes over the coming months and control the spread of COVID-19, an expected easing of restrictions provides “some hope for travel in summer 2021,” according to the European Travel Commission’s (ETC) in its latest quarterly report ‘European Tourism Trends & Prospects’.

A glimpse into the future – a hybrid approach to working from UK businesses may indicate a muted take-off for international corporate travel

7 May, 2021

A report this week from the BBC that four in five of Britain's biggest firms plan on adopting a 'hybrid' model of working in the post-COVID recovery highlights how senior management are looking differently on working arrangements. The same attention could also see changes in how they approach staff travel.

Charting the trends – Cryptocurrencies have become more widely accepted, but are already under threat and their use may ultimately be limited by the arrival of central bank digital currencies

6 May, 2021

The news this week that the iconic auction house Southerby’s will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments when it sells a copy of the 'Love is in the Air' Banksy painting highlights how cryptocurrencies are now firmly embedded in our financial system. The famed painting – described by Sotheby's as a “unique work” based on an artwork first sprayed onto a wall on Jerusalem – depicts a protester hurling a bouquet of flowers and is the first piece of auctioned fine art that can be paid for using cryptocurrencies. It has a reserve price of USD3-5 million.

‘Within the next year’ or ‘in more than 12 months’ is when most of the world expects a return to normal life, but one in four see recovery sooner and similar number say it is already case in Russia

28 April, 2021

Expectations about when life will return to pre-COVID normal expectedly vary widely across the world and are charted out for us all to see in research released in Apr-2021 by IPSOS Mori, the London, UK-based market research specialist.

The CEO perspective – airline bosses open up on COVID, the recovery, and the future of air travel

28 April, 2021

Over the first four months of 2021 airline CEOs from across the world have spoken openly at the monthly CAPA Live virtual summit about air travel, the coronavirus crisis and the path to recovery. To say 2020 and 2021 have been a challenge for these professionals is a major understatement and each shares the journey for their respective airlines through one of the biggest crises to hit the world.

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