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That’s the Spirit! Bare bones commoditisation of air travel at its finest

3 May, 2017

This month the Blue Swan Daily road tested the US based ultra-LCC, Spirit Airlines, on two sectors – Newark-Orlando and Orlando-Houston. For those travelling to the US and needing to get around domestically, or to/from Latin America, Spirit can be a good (and inexpensive) option, as the carrier offers a surprisingly extensive network.

Badgerys Creek: A positive step forward but fast rail remains the silver bullet

3 May, 2017

On 2-May-2017, the Blue Swan Daily reported that Sydney Airport Group decided it would not develop and operate the Western Sydney Airport (WSA), Badgerys Creek. We said “let the games begin” and they certainly have.

Turkish Airlines: yields and passenger mix in the Australia-Turkey market mean Australia is not currently in the network plan

2 May, 2017

While it seems unlikely that Turkish Airlines will launch services to Australia to, it is aiming to grow its presence in this market through new and stronger partnerships with Asian carriers and more capacity on the Istanbul-Singapore route. Over the years, Turkish has looked as though it would serve Australia with direct flights, primarily one-stop service via Indonesia or Singapore, but its new management team has no plans to operate flights to Australia in at least the short to medium term.

Time to get serious about good debt. Badgerys Creek needs a fast rail link

2 May, 2017

"After three years of detailed and extensive evaluation, and receipt of the final terms of the Notice of Intention from the Commonwealth late last year, Sydney Airport has decided it will not develop and operate Western Sydney Airport (WSA)." (Sydney Airport Decision on Western Sydney Airport, 02-May-2017)

Focus on a Speaker - CAPA-ACTE 2017 Melbourne Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit

1 May, 2017

The CAPA-ACTE 2017 Melbourne Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit is just around the corner, scheduled for 30-May-2017. Let’s take some time to learn about some of the incredible speakers scheduled for the event.

IATA – for airlines, the best is behind us, and costs are rising. But fares remain low

1 May, 2017

IATA’s Apr-2017 survey of airline business confidence appears to confirm that the best is behind us – at least for airline profitability. According to IATA, the survey responses are consistent with the fact that “the industry profit cycle peaked in the first half of last year.”

Monthly Update: BITRE on time performance snapshot – March 2017

28 April, 2017

Each month the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) monitors the punctuality and reliability of major domestic airlines operating between Australian airports.

Norwegian creates the world's longest LCC route London-Singapore

28 April, 2017

When European LCC group Norwegian launches service from London Gatwick to Singapore on 28-Sep-2017, it will become the longest route in Norwegian’s network – and the longest route by any LCC globally.

News Update: Qantas’ environmental disaster, it's not just emissions we need to be careful of

27 April, 2017

Global passenger numbers are increasing every year, with more services, more aircraft, and more infrastructure all having a detrimental impact to the environment. Yes, the industry relies heavily on fossil fuels, leaving a large carbon footprint which has to concern even the most conservative Trump supporter who doesn’t believe in Global Warming but it’s not just emissions which are causing the problem. Only in the last couple of weeks have we seen an incident here at home which threatened an entire ecosystem.

Cairns international traffic on the upswing positively impacting visitor nights and the local economy

26 April, 2017

Cairns is enjoying a surge in international traffic following the launch of services over the last two years by four new foreign airlines. This increase is having a positive effect on the local economy and greatly impacting visitor nights for the area.

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