Norwegian takes the lead as new generation narrowbodies open up thin long-haul city pairs

11 June, 2017

Until very recently, the concept of long haul, low cost international service with narrowbody aircraft was merely an intriguing thought as the specifications of new generation aircraft in development by Airbus and Boeing began to materialise.

Reports on the demise of airline alliances are being greatly exaggerated

10 June, 2017

The death warrant for global alliances is routinely issued. It takes only a squabble between members or one airline’s partnership with a member outside the alliance to see the entire value of global alliances come into question, with a prediction of collapse, disbandment and obliteration. Yet in reality, reports of their demise have been greatly exaggerated; global alliances have been busy creating a new life.

Video of the Week – CAPA Global Airports Outlook 2025

9 June, 2017

The 2017 CAPA Global Airport Leaders Forum, which occurred in May-2017, delivered some of the most incredible discussions from a wide range of expert speakers.

73rd IATA Annual General Meeting - Cancun Wrap Up

9 June, 2017

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) hosted its 73rd annual general meeting in Cancun, Mexico on 4-6 June. As a sponsor of the event, CAPA was in attendance to ensure none of the news was missed.

TUI remains open to partnership after Etihad ends talks on formation of new leisure airline

9 June, 2017

Leading European tour operator TUI Group says it “remains open” to a potential future partnership after discussions to merge its German aviation subsidiary with NIKI, the Austrian subsidiary of the airberlin Group feel through this week. The creation of the proposed new leisure airline was still subject to regulatory approval, but the collapse of the deal is a surprise as many believed it would have represented a good solution to overcome a clear overcapacity in the German market and help with the ongoing restructuring of the airberlin business.

Etihad pursues further expansion in Sydney to meet demand

8 June, 2017

Etihad Airways is adding more capacity in the Sydney market as it transitions to an all A380 service for Australia’s largest city.

Focus on an event - 2017 Perth Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit

8 June, 2017

The CAPA-ACTE 2017 Perth Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit, scheduled for 4 July, at the Mercure Hotel.

Read insights and analysis from this year’s IATA AGM in the CAPA Daily publications

8 June, 2017

Read insights and analysis from this year’s IATA AGM in the CAPA Daily publications.

Europe’s proposed ’open and connected aviation‘ policy path to industry competitiveness

8 June, 2017

The European Commission says it is delivering on its ambitious ‘Aviation Strategy for Europe’ by adopting a series of measures to further support open and connected aviation markets in the European Union and beyond. These initiatives aim to safeguard competition and connectivity in aviation, facilitate investments into European airlines and enhance the efficiency and connectivity of European skies.

CAPA Analysis: Qatar Airways restrictions and wider ramifications

7 June, 2017

For much of this decade, Middle East aviation has been besieged by external events throwing markets in disarray. Now there is a dispute of internal making. Four countries – Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE – are cutting ties with Qatar for political reasons. Local flights are being cancelled while Saudi Arabia has shut its airspace to overflights from Qatar Airways.

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