Serko SVP Asia Pacific: 'the time in COVID' was a time to communicate with customers,

20 January, 2022

Serko SVP Asia Pacific Murray Warner, speaking to CAPA TV on the sidelines of the Australia Pacific Aviation Summit 2021, stated (Dec-2021) "the time in COVID" was a time to communicate with customers, "because they weren't travelling either, and they weren't so busy". Mr Warner said "probably more than ever, maybe in our history, since we were really, really little… we really got a good view into what's most important, what's most pain, what they love about business travel". [More - CAPA TV]

Serko positioned to bring new products and 'innovation to the market': SVP Asia Pacific

20 January, 2022

Serko SVP Asia Pacific Murray Warner, speaking to CAPA TV on the sidelines of the Australia Pacific Aviation Summit 2021, stated (Dec-2021) during coronavirus, Serko had a "chance to stop and think about what's working well", as well as what is not. Mr Warner added "coming out of COVID, which… we think is happening… now, and up through January and the rest of the year", the company believes it is positioned to bring new products and "innovation to the market". [More - CAPA TV

Serko SVP Asia Pacific: 'different rates of return' has been 'good for us'

20 January, 2022

Serko SVP Asia Pacific Murray Warner, speaking to CAPA TV on the sidelines of the Australia Pacific Aviation Summit 2021, stated (Dec-2021) there has been a "huge" slow down for almost two years. Mr Warner said despite lockdowns and travel restrictions within "this market", Serko has "seen… different rates of return… other markets", noting it has been "good for us in a lot of ways". [More - CAPA TV]

Air Transat resumes weekly Toronto-Faro service, extends service until Oct-2022

20 January, 2022

Air Transat resumed weekly Toronto-Faro service on 18-Jan-2022, scheduled to operate using A321LR equipment until 25-Oct-2022 (Routes Online, 19-Jan-2022). This marks the first time the carrier is operating to the Algarve region outside the winter season since the service's launch over 20 years ago.

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport pax up 70.4% in Dec-2021, 7.9m pax in 2021

20 January, 2022

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport reported (20-Jan-2022) the following traffic highlights:

  • Dec-2021:
    • Passengers: 1.2 million, +70.4% year-on-year;
      • Domestic: 949,000, +44.0%;
      • International: 248,000, +465.4%;
    • Top 10 nationalities:
      • Australia: +884%;
      • India: +593%;
      • UK: +1126%;
      • China (including Hong Kong): +11%;
      • US: +482%;
      • New Zealand: +56%;
      • Nepal: +1671%;
      • Singapore:+1824%;
      • Canada: +728%;
      • Pakistan: +815%;
  • 2021:
    • Passengers: 7.9 million, -29.5% year-on-year;

South African Airways to resume Johannesburg-Durban service in Mar-2022

20 January, 2022

South African Airways (SAA) announced (19-Jan-2022) plans to resume three times daily Johannesburg-Durban service on 04-Mar-2022. SAA interim CEO Thomas Kgokolo commented: "Our customers and partners have been asking us to fly this route since we took to the skies again in Sep-2021. We've been waiting for the data to guide us on timing". Mr Kgokolo added that the airline "is constantly evaluating passenger volumes and revenue projections on all its existing and target routes". He said: "The goal is to match capacity with demand as closely as possible and add new routes only where and when it makes sense". [more - original PR]

Seychelles tourist arrivals decline 37% in Dec-2021. compared to Dec-2019, 182,849 tourists in 2021

20 January, 2022

Seychelles National Bureau of Statistics reported (19-Jan-2022) the following tourism highlights:

  • Dec-2021:
    • Tourist arrivals: 24,472, -37.1% compared to Dec-2019;
      • Russia: 4238, +175.2%;
      • France: 2954, -1.4%;
      • Germany: 2380, -73.3%;
      • United Arab Emirates: 1921, +10.7%;
      • US: 658, -37.9%;
  • 2021:

Switzerland to remove testing requirements for vaccinated and recovered travellers from 22-Jan-2022

20 January, 2022

Switzerland's Federal Council announced (19-Jan-2022) COVID-19 vaccinated or recovered travellers, will no longer be required to present a negative PCR or rapid antigen test before their arrival, effective 22-Jan-2022. Unvaccinated travellers, or those who do not have a COVID-19 recovery certificate, will be required to take tests prior to entering the country, however will not be required to take follow up tests after their arrival, due to limited testing capacity. Travellers arriving by plane and long distance bus services are also required to complete the passenger locator form. Additionally, the Federal Council also shortened the validity period of all vaccination and recovery certificates from to 270 days, effective 31-Jan-2022. [more - original PR]

India DGCA extends prohibition of scheduled international passenger services until 28-Feb-2022

20 January, 2022

India's Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), via its official Twitter account, announced (19-Jan-2022) it extended its prohibition on scheduled international passenger services to and from India until 28-Feb-2022, rather than until 31-Jan-2022. As previously reported by CAPA, scheduled international passenger services to and from India have been prohibited since 25-Mar-2020. The DGCA stated the prohibition "shall not apply to international all cargo operations and flights specifically approved by the DGCA" and noted: "International scheduled flights may be allowed on selected routes by the competent authority on a case to case basis". It further clarified that international services operating under India's travel bubble agreements with 35 countries will continue to operate until 28-Feb-2022.

Visitor arrivals to Japan down 94% in 2021

20 January, 2022

Japan National Tourism Organisation reported (20-Jan-2021) visitor arrivals to Japan. Details include:

  • Dec-2021:
    • Visitor arrivals: 12,100, -79.4% year-on-year;
    • Japanese departures: 48,900, -97.1%;
  • 12 months ended Dec-2021:
    • Visitor arrivals: 245,900, -94.0%;
      • China: 42,300, -96.0%;
      • Taiwan: 5100, -99.3%;
      • South Korea: 19,000, -96.1%;
      • Hong Kong: 1250, -99.6%;
      • Thailand: 2700, -98.8%;
      • US: 20,000, -90.9%;
      • Vietnam: 26,500, -82.6%;
      • Australia: 3300, -97.7%;
      • Philippines: 5500, -95.0%;
      • Indonesia: 5300, -93.2%;
      • Malaysia: 1800, -97.6%;
      • Singapore: 860, -98.4%;
      • Canada: 3600, -93.3%;
      • UK: 7300, -85.7%;
      • France: 7000, -83.8%;
    • Japanese departures: 512,200, -97.4%. [more - original PR - Japanese]
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