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Regional Express (Rex) and Delta Air Lines enter interline service agreement

25 October, 2022

Regional Express (Rex) entered (25-Oct-2022) an interline service agreement with Delta Air Lines, which will create streamlined travel for passengers between Australia and mainland US. Delta passengers travelling from the US, Canada and Mexico will access an expanded network of Rex's domestic connections to capital cities and across Rex's regional network to 58 destinations throughout all states in Australia. The agreement will enable Rex passengers travelling to the US simpler access to 40 cities. Passengers are able to book all flights, including connecting flights, under the one booking, with a single baggage drop where permitted. [more - original PR]

Alaska Air Group business travel revenue recovered to 80% of pre-pandemic levels: CEO

24 October, 2022

Alaska Air Group CEO Ben Minicucci, via the carrier's 3Q2022 earnings call, reported (20-Oct-2022) business travel volumes have recovered to 75% to 80% of pre-pandemic levels, while business revenue is hovering at 85% to 90% of 2019 levels. Mr Minicucci noted corporate travel is recovering slower across the West Coast, however the carrier is set to benefit from remote working and hybrid travel. Mr Minicucci expressed his belief that the carrier can restore 100% of pre-pandemic business travel revenue.

Ecuador removes COVID-19 entry requirements

24 October, 2022

Ecuador's Ministry of Health removed (21-Oct-2022) all COVID-19 requirements for entering the country, including negative tests and proof of vaccination. [more - original PR - Spanish]

Cathay Pacific announces personnel changes

21 October, 2022

Cathay Pacific announced (20-Oct-2022) the following personnel changes, effective from 24-Oct-2022:

  • Acting head for South West Pacific Richard Jones appointed as regional head of marketing & sales for the Americas (Canada and the US);
  • Regional head of airports Sandeep Pillay appointed as acting head for South West Pacific, replacing Mr Jones. Mr Pillay will serve continue as regional head of airports;
  • Head of business development for South West Pacific Tom Kennedy appointed as regional head of marketing & sales for South West Pacific. [more - original PR]

United Airlines 4Q2022 business travel volumes recover to 80% of pre-pandemic levels: CEO

20 October, 2022

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby, via the carrier's 3Q2022 earnings call, reported (19-Oct-2022) 4Q2022 business travel volumes recovered to 80% of 4Q2019 levels, and remained stable throughout the quarter. Mr Kirby added larger corporations "clearly lagged" the recovery rate, however new network patterns and flexible work environments are offsetting any slowdowns.

Finnair offers new long haul cabins on routes to Asia, US and Middle East in winter 2022/2023

20 October, 2022

Finnair, via its official Twitter account and website, announced (19-Oct-2022) its renewed long haul cabins will feature on its New York, Phuket, Singapore and Tokyo routes during winter 2022/2023. In addition, the cabins will be available on selected Bangkok frequencies, as well as on all the carrier's Doha routes.

US Travel Association: 42% of companies still have policies restricting business travel

18 October, 2022

US Travel Association reported (17-Oct-2022) the following findings from its Quarterly Business Travel Tracker for 3Q2022:

  • 78% of business travellers expect to take at least one trip to attend conferences, conventions, or trade shows over the next six months;
  • 75% of business travellers expect to visit customers, suppliers, or other stakeholders in the next six months;
  • 42% of companies still have policies in place restricting business travel, down from 50% in 2Q2022.

US Travel Association called upon US Congress to take steps to reduce visa wait times and support temporary tax provisions that would encourage companies to restore business travel spending. US Travel Association president and CEO Geoff Freeman stated: "Business travel is coming back slowly, and these policies will be essential to keeping employees on the road and helping still-recovering companies weather an oncoming recession". [more - original PR]

Air New Zealand improves offering on longer Tasman and Island services

18 October, 2022

Air New Zealand announced (18-Oct-2022) the following improvements to Tasman and Island services: 

  • Perth and Tahiti: 
    • All new economy bookings made on services will receive a full inflight service offering from 30-Oct-2022;
    • From 20-Oct-2022, Seat and Seat+bag fares will no longer be available to be booked on flights departing after 30-Oct-2022;
    • Customers will now be able to choose between The Works (economy), premium economy and Business Premier;
    • During the transition period, customers who have purchased a Seat or Seat+bag prior to 20-Oct-2022 will receive a full meal and beverage service and inflight entertainment if travelling post 30-Oct-2022;
    • Original ticketed baggage allowance, Airpoints Dollars and Status Points accrual will apply to existing tickets;
  • Honolulu: 
    • From 30-Oct-2022, Honolulu flights will move to a full-service offering;
    • Customers can choose between economy, premium economy and Business Premier on these flights;
    • During the transition period, customers who have purchased a seat, Seat+bag or The Works will automatically receive our full service economy offering;
    • Original ticketed baggage allowance, Airpoints Dollars and Status Points accrual will apply to existing tickets. [more - original PR]

VINCI Airports handles 136.7m pax in the first nine months of 2022

14 October, 2022

VINCI Airports reported (13-Oct-2022) the following traffic highlights:

  • Three months ended Sep-2022:
    • Passengers: 56.6 million, -21.9% compared to 2019;
      • Portugal (ANA): 18.1 million, -1.9% ;
      • UK: 13.1 million, -18%;
      • Japan (Kansai Airports): 6.0 million -56%;
      • France: 4.8 million, -23%;
      • Chile (Nuevo Pudahuel): 4.7 million, -23%;
      • Brazil (Salvador): 2.8 million, -11%;
      • US: 2.6 million, -3.8%;
      • Serbia (Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport): 2.0 million, -4.8%;
      • Dominican Republic (Aerodom): 1.6 million, +14%;
      • Cambodia (Cambodia Airports): 738,000, -74%;
      • Costa Rica: 301,000, +35;
    • Aircraft movements: 480 787, -14.9%;
  • Nine months ended Sep-2022:
    • Passengers: 136.7 million, -30.7% compared to 2019;
      • Portugal (ANA): 42.0 million, -8.5%;
      • UK: 28.5 million, -31%;
      • Japan (Kansai Airports): 14.2 million, -64%;
      • Chile (Nuevo Pudahuel): 13.4 million, -28%;
      • France: 12.0 million, -28%;
      • Brazil (Salvador): 8.3 million, -8.8%;
      • US: 7.2 million, -6.0%;
      • Dominican Republic (Aerodom): 4.4 million, +4%;
      • Serbia (Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport): 4.2 million, -12%;
      • Cambodia: 1.4 million, -84%;
      • Costa Rica: 1.1 million, +14%;
    • Aircraft movements: 1.3 million, -20.4%. [more - original PR]

Delta Air Lines reports 4Q2022 forecast amid high demand, corporate travel recovery

14 October, 2022

Delta Air Lines reported (13-Oct-2022) its outlook for 4Q2022 as follows:

  • Total revenue: Up 5% to 9% compared to 4Q2019;
  • Operating margin: 9% to 11%;
  • Earnings per share: USD1 to USD1.25;
  • Adjusted net debt: USD22.5 billion.

Delta president Glen Hauenstein noted the improvement of corporate travel and "robust" domestic and international demand as contributing factors to the strong projections. Delta Air Lines posted a net profit of USD695 million for 3Q2022. [more - original PR

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