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Spain lifts COVID-19 testing requirements for non-EU passengers

24 October, 2022

Spain's Ministry of Health lifted (20-Oct-2022) COVID-19 testing requirement for passengers arriving in Spain from non EU or Schengen countries, effective 21-Oct-2022. [more - original PR - Spanish]

Aeroitalia to launch Milan Bergamo-London Heathrow service from Dec-2022

24 October, 2022

Aeroitalia, via its official Twitter account and website, announced (21-Oct-2022) plans to launch five times weekly Milan Bergamo-London Heathrow service from Dec-2022. According to OAG the route is currently unserved.

Wamos Air to temporarily operate Auckland-Perth service on behalf of Air New Zealand

20 October, 2022

Air New Zealand announced (20-Oct-2022) daily return Auckland-Perth service will be operated by Wamos Air on behalf of Air New Zealand from 15-Nov-2022 to 16-Feb-2023. Flights will be operated with 280 seat A330-200 aircraft. [more - original PR]

Finnair offers new long haul cabins on routes to Asia, US and Middle East in winter 2022/2023

20 October, 2022

Finnair, via its official Twitter account and website, announced (19-Oct-2022) its renewed long haul cabins will feature on its New York, Phuket, Singapore and Tokyo routes during winter 2022/2023. In addition, the cabins will be available on selected Bangkok frequencies, as well as on all the carrier's Doha routes.

Qantas Airways suspends launch of three times weekly Perth-Johannesburg service

19 October, 2022

Qantas Airways removed plans to launch three times weekly Perth-Johannesburg service on 01-Nov-2022, as per a 19-Oct-2022 GDS inventory and timetable display. 

ASEAN and EU sign world’s first bloc-to-bloc air transport agreement

18 October, 2022

ASEAN and the EU signed (17-Oct-2022) a Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement (CATA) between the member states of each region. The ASEAN-EU CATA is the world's first bloc-to-bloc air transport agreement and reflects latest policy thinking in air transport regulation. Details include:

  • The agreement will provide greater opportunities for airlines of ASEAN and the EU to operate passenger and cargo services between and beyond both regions;
  • Under the CATA, airlines of ASEAN and the EU will be able to fly any number of services between both regions. In addition, airlines of each country of one bloc will be able to fly up to 14 weekly passenger services and any number of cargo services to each country of the other bloc with fifth freedom traffic rights, via any third country or beyond to any third country;
  • The agreement provides a foundation for closer cooperation between ASEAN and the EU in areas including aviation safety, air traffic management, consumer protection, and environmental and social matters.

Negotiations on the agreement commenced in 2016 and concluded on 02-Jun-2021 at the Extraordinary ASEAN-EU Senior Transport Officials Meeting. [more - original PR - European Council] [more - original PR - European Commission] [more - original PR - ASEAN]

RwandAir to commence nonstop Kigali-London service in Nov-2022

18 October, 2022

RwandAir announced (17-Oct-2022) plans to commence four times weekly Kigali-London Heathrow nonstop service with A330 equipment on 06-Nov-2022. The airline has operated Kigali-Brussels-London service since May-2017 and currently operates the service three times weekly. RwandAir CEO Yvonne Makolo said the nonstop service will enable "shorter flight times and increased connections". [more - original PR]

Cathay Pacific to resume offering first class on Hong Kong-London Heathrow service from Dec-2022

18 October, 2022

Cathay Pacific chief customer and commercial officer Ronald Lam announced (17-Oct-2022) the airline plans to resume "our first class offering on our prime London Heathrow flight, CX251/CX252", commencing 05-Dec-2022. Mr Lam reported: "London Heathrow will also see a substantial increase in passenger flights in November and December", stating "An additional 31,500 seats will be offered over the two months and on certain days in December we will be operating four flights a day". [more - original PR]

Emirates Airline to increase Dubai-Taipei frequency to daily from 06-Nov-2022

17 October, 2022

Emirates Airline announced (17-Oct-2022) plans to increase Dubai-Taipei frequency from four times weekly to daily from 06-Nov-2022. The additional frequencies will also be operated using Boeing 777 equipment. According to OAG, no other carriers are scheduled to operate the route. The frequency increase follows Taiwan announcing the removal of mandatory COVID-19 quarantine requirements for international arrivals. [more - original PR]

VINCI Airports handles 136.7m pax in the first nine months of 2022

14 October, 2022

VINCI Airports reported (13-Oct-2022) the following traffic highlights:

  • Three months ended Sep-2022:
    • Passengers: 56.6 million, -21.9% compared to 2019;
      • Portugal (ANA): 18.1 million, -1.9% ;
      • UK: 13.1 million, -18%;
      • Japan (Kansai Airports): 6.0 million -56%;
      • France: 4.8 million, -23%;
      • Chile (Nuevo Pudahuel): 4.7 million, -23%;
      • Brazil (Salvador): 2.8 million, -11%;
      • US: 2.6 million, -3.8%;
      • Serbia (Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport): 2.0 million, -4.8%;
      • Dominican Republic (Aerodom): 1.6 million, +14%;
      • Cambodia (Cambodia Airports): 738,000, -74%;
      • Costa Rica: 301,000, +35;
    • Aircraft movements: 480 787, -14.9%;
  • Nine months ended Sep-2022:
    • Passengers: 136.7 million, -30.7% compared to 2019;
      • Portugal (ANA): 42.0 million, -8.5%;
      • UK: 28.5 million, -31%;
      • Japan (Kansai Airports): 14.2 million, -64%;
      • Chile (Nuevo Pudahuel): 13.4 million, -28%;
      • France: 12.0 million, -28%;
      • Brazil (Salvador): 8.3 million, -8.8%;
      • US: 7.2 million, -6.0%;
      • Dominican Republic (Aerodom): 4.4 million, +4%;
      • Serbia (Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport): 4.2 million, -12%;
      • Cambodia: 1.4 million, -84%;
      • Costa Rica: 1.1 million, +14%;
    • Aircraft movements: 1.3 million, -20.4%. [more - original PR]
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