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BDL: German airline operating margins recovering, but at a slow pace

23 August, 2017

Bundesverband der Deutschen Luftverkehrswirtschaft (Federal Association of German Air Transport - BDL) reported (Aug-2017) German airline operating margins are "recovering", but are low in international comparison in 2016. The global airline revenue margin averaged 8.8% in 2016, however German airlines only improved from 3.8% in 2015 to 4.9% in 2016. [more - original PR - German]

Dubai Airports reports busiest month in history with 8.1m pax in Jul-2017

23 August, 2017

Dubai International Airport reported (22-Aug-2017) traffic highlights for Jul-2017:

  • Passengers: 8.1 million, +5.9% year-on-year;
  • Cargo: 213,258 tonnes, +5.0%;
  • Aircraft movements: 34,181, -4.7%.

The airport reported South America was the fastest growing region with an increase of 59%, followed by Asia (+20%), Eastern Europe (+16.3%) and Africa (+9.1%). India remained the top destination country with 1.0 million passengers, followed by UK (610,151) and Saudi Arabia (573,170). [more - original PR]

SA Airlink completes trials at St Helena Airport

23 August, 2017

SA Airlink completed (22-Aug-2017) a two day programme of flight trials at Saint Helena Airport with an E190 aircraft. The airline performed 13 flight trials and assessed air traffic control, communications and navigation systems, emergency services, ground handling, passenger assistance, terminal facilities and security. The proving flight was designed to demonstrate ETOPS proficiency to the South African Civil Aviation Authority. The commencement date and airfares for St Helena air services are expected to be announced shortly. [more - original PR]

London Gatwick Airport pledges to operate at least 5% electric vehicles by 2020

22 August, 2017

London Gatwick Airport joined (17-Aug-2017) Go Ultra Low's 'Go Ultra Low Companies' programme, pledging to operate at least 5% electric vehicles across its airside, ground handling and passenger services fleet by 2020. As previously by CAPA, London Heathrow Airport acquired 17 electric vehicles in Jun-2017 to perform airside duties. [more - original PR]

RwandAir adds six destinations from Cotonou hub

22 August, 2017

RwandAir announced (21-Aug-2017) plans to commence services from its new hub in Cotonou to Abidjan, Brazzaville and Libreville, effective 30-Aug-2017, and Bamako, Conakry and Dakar, effective 30-Sep-2017. Cotonou operations will be synchronised with services from Kigali to enable connections with the rest of the airline's network. The new services will expand RwandAir's network to 26 destinations. [more - original PR]

Russia's Foreign Affairs Minister notes progress in work on resumption of Egypt service

22 August, 2017

Russia's Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov noted (21-Aug-2017) some progress in the work of specialists on the resumption of air service between Russia and Egypt. Mr Lavrov added: "In the nearest future there will be additional clarity in relation to prospects for the resumption of nonstop air service". [more - original PR - Russian]

Icelandair announces schedule for Tampa service commencing 06-Sep-2017

22 August, 2017

Icelandair announced (21-Aug-2017) the schedule for twice weekly Reykjavik Keflavik-Tampa service, launching on 06-Sep-2017. The service will allow passengers to connect with services to four UK destinations: Manchester, Glasgow, London Heathrow and London Gatwick. [more - original PR]

Norwegian Air Argentina outlines plans including operations to Australia

21 August, 2017

Norwegian Air Argentina outlined (21-Aug-2017) a five to seven year plan which includes launching international services to Australia, the US, Europe and South America. [more - original PR - Spanish]

Ireland West Airport Knock CEO: State subsidised airport is 'enabler' for regional development

21 August, 2017

Ireland West Airport Knock CEO Joe Gilmore stated the Government subsidised airport is "value for money" and contributes to regional development. Mr Gilmore said: "We will always argue on the western seaboard, and in the south-west, that airports need to be supported, need to be invested in because they act as the driver and enabler for regional development... Build it and they'll come. I think the west has a lot to offer. You have to take risks and you have to invest in the right infrastructure". As previously reported by CAPA, ACI EUROPE and Ryanair have both called for increased investment in regional airports to assist regional tourism growth.

Kazakhstan expresses interest in Il-114 production

21 August, 2017

Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin reported Kazakhstan expressed interest in participating in the resumption of production of the Ilyushin Il-114 turboprop (, 18-Aug-2017). As previously reported by CAPA, United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) announced it intends to produce a modernised version of the 50 seat turboprop, for use as a regional and domestic feeder aircraft. UAC intends to certify the updated aircraft by the end of 2018 and start production by 2022. According to the CAPA Fleet Database, there are 16 turboprop aircraft in service with Kazakhstan based carriers.

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