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Emirates Airline confirms plans to resume Dubai-Lagos service from 11-Sep-2022

2 September, 2022

Emirates Airline, via its official website, confirmed (01-Sep-2022) plans to resume Dubai-Lagos service from 11-Sep-2022. Emirates welcomed the Central Bank of Nigeria releasing a portion of blocked ticket sales, adding it will continue to engage with Nigerian authorities to ensure outstanding funds are repatriated "without hindrance". 

Emirates Airline to debut newly retrofitted A380s to five destinations starting Dec-2022

2 September, 2022

Emirates Airline announced (01-Sep-2022) plans to debut its newly retrofitted A380 aircraft featuring premium economy cabins to the following destinations from Dec-2022:

  • New York JFK: From 01-Dec-2022;
  • Auckland: From 15-Jan-2023;
  • Melbourne: From 01-Feb-2023;
  • San Francisco: From 15-Feb-2023;
  • Singapore: From 01-Mar-2023.

The carrier also plans to add additional premium economy seats on service to London Heathrow from 01-Jan-2023 and Sydney from 15-Dec-2022 as the aircraft's newly refreshed cabins enter service. Emirates Airline is set to operate A380 equipment to 42 cities with over 400 weekly departures, with 85 A380s planned for active service by the end of 2022. [more - original PR]

Virgin Atlantic Airways and IndiGo sign codeshare agreement

1 September, 2022

Virgin Atlantic Airways and IndiGo signed (31-Aug-2022) a codeshare agreement. Under the agreement, Virgin Atlantic will codeshare on IndiGo services operating from Delhi and Mumbai to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Amritsar and Goa initially, later expanding to include services to Cochin, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Pune, Coimbatore, Nagpur, Vadodara, Indore and Visakhapatnam by the end of 2022, enabling easy connections for passengers travelling on Virgin Atlantic's twice daily London Heathrow-Delhi and daily London Heathrow-Mumbai services. IndiGo passengers will later have access to bookings for "connections onto Virgin Atlantic's extensive US network operated via London Heathrow". Codesharing will commence on 27-Sep-2022, subject to government approval. [more - original PR]

China Southern Airlines to operate 32 international services in Sep-2022

30 August, 2022

China Southern Airlines announced (29-Aug-2022) plans to operate the following 32 international services in Sep-2022:

  • Guangzhou-London: Weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Amsterdam: Weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Paris: Weekly;
  • Wuhan-Istanbul: Weekly;
  • Shenzhen-Moscow: Weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Los Angeles: Twice weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Toronto: Weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Sydney: Weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Auckland: Twice weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Kuala Lumpur: Weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Dhaka: Weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Singapore: Weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Yangon: Weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Ho Chi Minh City: Weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Bangkok: Weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Manila: Weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Vientiane: weekly;
  • Wuhan-Islamabad: Twice weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Phnom Penh: Weekly;
  • Shenzhen-Jakarta: Weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Dubai: Weekly;
  • Shenzhen-Dubai: Weekly;
  • Urumqi-Bishkek: Weekly;
  • Urumqi-Almaty: Weekly;
  • Urumqi-Dushanbe: Weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Tokyo Narita: Weekly;
  • Guangzhou-Seoul: Weekly;
  • Shenyang-Seoul: Weekly;
  • Changsha-Nairobi: Weekly;
  • Shanghai Pudong-Taipei: Daily;
  • Wuhan-Hong Kong: Weekly;
  • Shenyang-Hong Kong: Twice weekly. [more - original PR - Chinese]

Xiamen Airlines to operate 13 international services in Sep-2022

30 August, 2022

Xiamen Airlines, via its official Twitter account, announced (29-Aug-2022) the following international schedules for Sep-2022:

  • Xiamen-Los Angeles: Twice weekly;
  • Xiamen-Vancouver: Weekly;
  • Xiamen-Amsterdam: Weekly;
  • Xiamen-Sydney: Weekly;
  • Xiamen-Melbourne: Weekly;
  • Xiamen-Seoul: Three times weekly;
  • Xiamen-Phnom Penh: Weekly;
  • Xiamen-Manila: Weekly;
  • Xiamen-Kuala Lumpur: Twice weekly;
  • Xiamen-Singapore: Weekly;
  • Fuzhou-Tokyo Narita: Weekly;
  • Fuzhou-Jakarta: Weekly;
  • Xiamen-Bangkok: Twice weekly.

Air France postpones resumption of Paris CDG-Hong Kong service to Dec-2022

29 August, 2022

Air France postponed the resumption of daily Paris CDG-Hong Kong service to 05-Dec-2022, according to OAG and the CAPA Route Changes Database. As previously reported by CAPA, the carrier was scheduled to resume the service from 05-Sep-2022.

Visitor arrivals to Croatia recovers to 89% of Jun-2019 levels in Jun-2022

24 August, 2022

Croatian Bureau of Statistics reported (23-Aug-2022) the following tourism highlights for Jun-2022:

  • Tourist arrivals: 2.4 million, -11% compared to Jun-2019;
    • Germany: 594,035, +18%;
    • Austria: 254,915, +2%;
    • Slovenia: 216,125, -4%;
    • Poland: 174,778, +12%;
    • Czech Republic: 142,147, -10%;
    • Italy: 115,687, -12%;
    • UK: 106,974, -28%;
    • US: 90,699, -19%;
    • Hungary: 84,676, +8%;
    • Slovenia: 60,748, +12%;
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina: 58,346, +16%. [more - original PR]

All Nippon Airways announces international pax schedules for winter 2022/2023

24 August, 2022

All Nippon Airways announced (23-Aug-2022) the suspension or reduction of the following international passenger services, effective 30-Oct-2022 to 25-Mar-2023:

  • Tokyo Haneda-San Jose: Launch postponed;
  • Tokyo Narita-Dusseldorf: Suspended;
  • Tokyo Haneda-Stockholm: Launch postponed;
  • Tokyo Haneda-Milan: Launch postponed;
  • Tokyo Haneda-Istanbul: Launch postponed;
  • Tokyo Haneda-Moscow: Launch postponed;
  • Tokyo Narita-Vladivostok: Suspended;
  • Tokyo Narita-Perth: Suspended;
  • Tokyo Narita-Chennai: Suspended;
  • Tokyo Narita-Yangon: Suspended;
  • Tokyo Haneda-Bangkok: Reduced from three times to twice daily;
  • Tokyo Narita-Phnom Penh: Suspended;
  • Osaka Kansai-Hong Kong: Suspended;
  • Tokyo Narita-Taiwan Taoyuan: Suspended. [more - original PR]

JetBlue Airways and Aer Lingus to add 10 services to codeshare partnership from 30-Oct-2022

23 August, 2022

JetBlue Airways and Aer Lingus are scheduled to expand their codeshare partnership from 30-Oct-2022, according to OAG. JetBlue will codeshare on the following Aer Lingus-operated services:

  • Dublin-Amsterdam: Four times daily;
  • Dublin-Brussels: 11 times weekly;
  • Dublin-Dusseldorf: 13 times weekly;
  • Dublin-Frankfurt: 13 times weekly.
  • Dublin-Hamburg: Six times weekly;
  • Dublin-Lyon: Five times weekly;
  • Dublin-Munich: 11 times weekly; 
  • Dublin-Paris CDG: 27 times weekly; 
  • Dublin-Rome: 11 times weekly; 
  • Dublin-Zurich: Four times weekly.

Eurowings to boost business travel offer by 30% from Sep-2022

23 August, 2022

Eurowings announced (22-Aug-2022) it will "significantly increase" its business travel offer by increasing its capacity to business destinations from Sep-2022 by 30% compared to 2021, as well as expanding the capacity of its BIZclass product on numerous routes. The carrier outlined the increase is in response to strong growth in demand for business destinations such as Vienna, Zurich, London and Milan. Highlights include:

  • Düsseldorf: Connections to Berlin, Zurich and Milan will be increased with up to 10,000 additional seats on offer. In addition, Eurowings will offer twice daily frequencies to Stockholm, Prague, Dresden, Birmingham, Geneva, Lyon and Salzburg; 
  • Cologne/Bonn: Up to six daily frequencies to Berlin to add 6000 additional seats on the route from Sep-2022;
  • Hamburg: Doubling of frequencies to Amsterdam, with the connection to Milan also to be significantly increased. From Sep-2022, the routes to Vienna and Munich will be operated three times daily; 
  • Stuttgart: Offer will be increased by over 150,000 additional seats for business destinations, including through the resumption of service to Bremen, and a 30% increase in frequencies to Budapest, Hamburg and Milan;
  • Berlin: Daily Stockholm service, and high frequency connections to Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf and Salzburg.

CEO Jens Bischof stated: "We see very clearly that after the end of the summer holidays in some German states, the demand for business flights has increased significantly". Mr Bischof added: "Even though we have not yet reached the pre-Corona level, the incoming bookings clearly show us the progressive normalisation in this segment as well". [more - original PR]

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