CAPA: The Asian market will continue to be extremely important

10 May, 2017

CAPA - Centre for Aviation chairman Peter Harbison commented (10-May-2017) on the Asia Pacific aviation market highlighting that as Australia’s economy shifts towards much greater reliance on Asian trade, air services are intertwined in that evolution. Mr Harbison said for Qantas and Virgin Australia alike, partners in the Asian market will be even more important than elsewhere: "The Qantas Group has been investing steadily in the Jetstar family in Asia, which now offers a good springboard for future expansion, we can expect increased capacity to continue". 

CAPA: Asia Pacific aviation market will be where the main traffic growth is for the next decade

10 May, 2017

CAPA - Centre for Aviation chairman Peter Harbison commented (10-May-2017) on the Asia Pacific aviation market stating it will be where the main traffic growth is for the next decade, at least. Mr Harbison believes the US and Europe will remain hard to grow due to US majors protecting their own traffic flows, and competition in Europe from sixth freedom airlines, stating: "Despite coming off an increasingly larger base, double digit growth is continuing in some Asian markets, as new layers of economically enabled travellers emerge. China is the leader in this due to its massive scale, however there are several other Asian countries that will blossom in coming years".

Melbourne Tullamarine Airport Rail Link business case to commence in FY2017/18

9 May, 2017

Australia's Federal Government announced (09-May-2017) AUD30 million (USD22 million) will be invested to develop a business case for the Melbourne Tullamarine Airport Rail Link. The process is expected to span across two financial years with AUD15 million (USD11 million) to be awarded in FY2017/18 and the remaining in FY2018/19. As previously reported by CAPA, the rail service is expected to be delivered in 15-30 years and projected to cost around AUD5 billion (USD3.7 billion). [more - original PR]

Australia government commits USD3.9bn to develop Western Sydney Airport

9 May, 2017

Australia's Federal Government committed (09-May-2017) AUD5.3 billion (USD3.9 billion) over the next 10 years towards the development of Western Sydney Airport. The government plans to establish a government-owned company with strong private sector expertise in FY2017/18 to manage the development process and ensure it is operational by 2026. Expected to be the second international airport in Sydney, the airport is forecast to deliver net long-term benefits to the Australian economy with a return of AUD1.80 for every AUD1 invested. The government will invest AUD73.2 million (USD53.8 million) on planning and site preparatory works in FY2017/18 and expects to spend a total of AUD115 million (USD84.5 million) for site preparation. Tender for early works will be issued in late 2017. [more - original PR]

Auckland Airport: New Zealand fast becoming a hot ticket for high-value Indian visitors

9 May, 2017

Auckland Airport released (09-May-2017) new research highlighting that New Zealand is rapidly becoming a sought after, premium destination for high value free independent travellers from India. The report shows the number of Indian visitors arriving in New Zealand has increased 79% over the past five years, with 53,424 visitors arriving in the country in the year ending Feb-2017. Auckland Airport acting aeronautical commercial GM Scott Tasker stated despite the lack of a direct flight connection to New Zealand and it being relatively distant compared to other choices, "Indian visitors are increasingly viewing New Zealand as a hot destination, particularly those who have high discretionary incomes and are looking for something different". [more - original PR]

Fiji Government: Regionalism key to boosting tourism

9 May, 2017

Fiji Attorney General and Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said boosting tourism for the country requires partnering with its neighbours to attract more development (Fiji Times Online, 09-May-2017). Mr Sayed-Khaiyum stated: "There is a very big case for regionalism in tourism and we need to make a concerted effort in this area". Partnerships with organisations such as Fiji Airways, to develop the Singapore route, plus a new codesharing arrangement with India's Jet Airways opened up new markets for visitors who would not only visit Fiji but other island nations.

TTF: Tourism sacrificed in Federal Budget

9 May, 2017

Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF) responded (09-May-2017) to the 2017 Federal Government Budget believing it will jeopardise the growth of Australia’s visitor economy and put at risk the ability of the tourism sector to become one of the nation’s largest employment sectors. TTF CEO Margy Osmond stated: "Instead of recognising the tourism sector as the next super-growth sector, the Government has removed AUD35 million (USD25.7 million) out of Tourism Australia over the next four years, and in the process put tourism jobs at immediate risk across the country". TTF have praised the commitment of AUD5.3 billion (USD3.9 billion) over ten years to begin construction of the Western Sydney Airport. [more - original PR]

Auckland Airport calls for increased capacity between North America and New Zealand

9 May, 2017

Auckland Airport acting GM aeronautical commercial Scott Tasker commented (09-May-2017) on the need for increased capacity between North America and New Zealand after market modelling undertaken by the airport showed "both the USA and Canada continue to be underserved by airline capacity by roughly a third of the total market demand potential". Mr Tasker credited increased competition, greater airline capacity, lower airfares and better connectivity for the 25% growth in high value North American tourist arrivals to New Zealand since Jul-2016 but said there is still untapped demand and "potential to continue to grow inbound visitors from North America". [more - original PR]

Qantas reveals details of new international wing and transit lounge at Perth Airport

9 May, 2017

Qantas revealed details of its new international wing and transit lounge at Perth Airport (Perth Now, 09-May-2017). The facility is being proposed for the southern end of the airport's Terminal T4 and will include an outdoor patio, a barbecue grill, Neil Perry designed barbecue menu, streamlined immigration and customs area, food and beverage outlets and a duty free store. Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said all services would operate from the combined precinct allowing customers to transfer from domestic to international services without changing terminals. The transit lounge will also feature shower suites and a wellness facility.

Australian Government: Update to Fiji air services agreement will increase tourism and trade

8 May, 2017

Australia's Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester stated (08-May-2017) plans by the Fiji and Australia Governments to update the countries air services agreement could substantially generate increased tourism and trade opportunities. Mr Chester stated increasing passenger and freight capacity on the route will allow carriers to capitalise on the significant trade and investment relationship between Australia and Fiji, valued at over AUD4.2 billion (USD3.1 billion) in 2015-16. [more - original PR]

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