Transport Canada eases vaccination requirements for domestic and outbound international travel

15 June, 2022

Transport Canada announced (14-Jun-2022) the suspension of COVID-19 vaccination requirements for domestic and outbound international air travel and federally regulated transportation sector employees, effective 20-Jun-2022. Due to variations in international vaccination rates and virus control, the requirement will remain for inbound international travel. Mask requirements will also remain in effect. [more - original PR]

Norse Atlantic commences operations with launch of Oslo-New York JFK service

15 June, 2022

Norse Atlantic Airways commenced (14-Jun-2022) operations with the launch of Oslo-New York JFK service on 14-Jun-2022, using Boeing 787 aircraft. CEO Bjorn Tore Larsen stated: "Norse Atlantic Airways has now entered a new chapter", adding: "We now look ahead to ramping up our network". The carrier plans to increase Oslo-New York frequency to daily from 04-Jul-2022 and is the sole scheduled operator on the route, according to OAG. The service launch also marked the formal opening of Avinor Oslo Airport's new non-Schengen terminal. As previously reported by CAPA, Norse Atlantic also plans to launch services from Oslo to Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Los Angeles in summer 2022. [more - original PR]

Australia to lift mask mandate for airport terminals

15 June, 2022

Australia's Government acknowledged (14-Jun-2022) the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee's (AHPPC) recommendation that mask wearing no longer be mandated in airport terminals from as early as 23:59 on 17-Jun-2022. Masks will still be required on all flights. State and territory jurisdictions will implement the necessary changes to public health orders from 17-Jun-2022. AHPPC has reviewed the COVID-19 situation in Australia and considers it no longer proportionate to mandate mask wearing in the terminals. AHPPC also noted all states and territories have relaxed mask mandates in most community settings. AHPPC will continue to actively consider mask wearing on flights and will issue further advice. [more - original PR]

EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate to be extended until 30-Jun-2023

14 June, 2022

European Council and the European Parliament reached (13-Jun-2022) a provisional political agreement to extend the regulation establishing the EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate (DCC) by one year, until 30-Jun-2023. If the health situation allows, the regulation can be repealed earlier. The Council and Parliament additionally agreed on the following:

  • A Commission obligation to submit a detailed report by 31-Dec-2022, which could be accompanied by legislative proposals to allow for a new assessment of the need to repeal or maintain the certificate, depending on the health situation;
  • Clarification that vaccination certificates should reflect all doses administered, regardless of the member state where people received their vaccination;
  • Possibility to issue a recovery certificate following an antigen test;
  • Extension of the range of authorised antigen tests used to qualify for a COVID-19 certificate;
  • Possibility to allow vaccination certificates to be issued to persons participating in clinical trials.

EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders stated the agreement will help to "continue to facilitate free and safe travel, should a rise in infections make it necessary for Member States to temporarily reintroduce restriction". The European Parliament and the Council will now need to formally adopt the agreement. [more - original PR - European Council] [more - original PR - European Commission]

Germany lifts COVID-19 entry restrictions

14 June, 2022

Germany's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, via its official website, announced (Jun-2022) it provisionally lifted all COVID-19 entry restrictions on 11-Jun-2022. As a result, travel to Germany is again permitted for all travel purposes, while proof of COVID-19 vaccination, recovery or testing is no longer required. The ministry stated that due to "reciprocity", travellers residing in China still require an "important reason to enter Germany", however this restriction does not apply to German citizens residing in China.

US CDC removes COVID-19 testing requirement for inbound international travellers

13 June, 2022

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) repealed (10-Jun-2022) COVID-19 testing requirements for inbound international travellers, effective 12-Jun-2022. Travellers are no longer required to present a negative COVID-19 test result of documentation or recovery from COVID-19 prior to boarding a flight to the US. CDC attributed the decision to COVID-19 shifting to a "new phase", noting the widespread adoption and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, the availability of effective therapeutics and high vaccination rates. [more - original PR]

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 to reopen in Sep-2022

13 June, 2022

Changi Airport Group announced (10-Jun-2022) plans to reopen Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 in Sep-2022 as passenger traffic continues to recover. The reopening will add to the airport's operating capacity and enable the airport to meet the recovery of pre-coronavirus passenger traffic in the northern winter season from 30-Oct-2022. While time is needed to sign new leases with concessionaires, it is expected that a small number of retail outlets and food and beverage options will be available to serve passengers when T4 reopens. It is expected that airlines previously operating at T4 will return to the terminal upon its reopening. Changi Airport Group will work with the airlines on the relocation details. [more - original PR]

Taiwan to reduce quarantine for arrivals to three days

13 June, 2022

Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center announced (11-Jun-2022) plans to reduce the COVID-19 related quarantine period for all arrivals from seven days to three days, effective 15-Jun-2022. Visitors will still be banned from going out unless absolutely necessary during the period from the fourth day through the seventh day after arrival. Arrivals are also still required to present a COVID-19 PCR test result within two days before their scheduled flight to Taiwan. [more - original PR]

Bangalore Airport opens 080 luxury lounges for domestic and international pax

10 June, 2022

Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport opened (08-Jun-2022) an 080 International Lounge, 080 Domestic Lounge and 080 Transit Hotel at its passenger terminal. The lounges are operated by Travel Food Services and "are open for passengers who are affiliated with loyalty programs, partner airlines, and for all patrons who wish to access the services". [more - original PR]

American Society of Travel Advisors CEO: Pre-departure testing the 'number one' barrier to recovery

10 June, 2022

American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) president and CEO Zane Kerby stated (07-Jun-2022) the US' COVID-19 testing requirement for vaccinated international travellers is "the number one barrier to our industry's recovery". Mr Kerby said the order has "little to no impact" on COVID-19 cases within the US, however the economic damage caused by the requirement "grows by the day". Mr Kerby added that according to a recent survey of ASTA members, 83% of trip cancellations are due to the US testing requirement and noted US' largest trading partners and outbound travel markets, including the UK, EU, Canada and Australia, have removed pre-departure testing requirements for fully vaccinated travellers. [more - original PR]

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