Avianca CEO Anko van der Werff: ‘Our new boring vision is simply back to basics’

    Avianca CEO Anko van der Werff warned (26-Sep-2019) airlines to beware of macro-economics and political situation in their own domain before embarking on expansion plans. Mr van der Werff stated: “Airlines have never needed good finance departments as much as they do now”, adding that “growth for the sake of growth” is negatively afflicting the airline industry. He urged caution and said that when airlines feel optimistic about capturing a market, it is often assumed that external factors such as political, environmental, economic, will remain equal. Mr van der Werff added that Avianca‘s “new boring vision is simply back to basics… The growth has been too much, our customers are complaining, on-time performance has suffered so you are alienating your corporate customers and even your pilots, in our case”. [more – original PR]

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