A4A urges Congress to reject proposed tax increases on air travel

11 February, 2020

Airlines for America (A4A) urged (10-Feb-2020) the US Congress to reject proposed tax increases included in President Trump's budget request for FY2021, which would cost passengers an additional USD2.7 billion p/a. A4A said USD26 billion was paid in taxes in 2019, and noted more taxes on top of that would curtail job growth, heighten costs for travelling and limit air service. Other proposals in the budget include increasing the TSA Passenger Security Fee by 18% in 2021 and a further 25% in 2022, increasing the Customs Inspection User Fee by 24% and increasing the Immigration Inspection User Fee by 29%. A4A urged Congress to cease diverting security fee funds from security for the payment of deficit reductions. [more - original PR]