AAA: Australian regional airports have growing concern about financial viability

26 April, 2017

Australian Airports Association (AAA) discovered (21-Apr-2017) around one third of the 74 Australian regional aerodromes surveyed stated the main challenge in 2017 is raising revenue, followed by the need for major infrastructure investment and declining asset conditions. AAA CEO Caroline Wilkie noted: "Concerns about financial viability for smaller aerodromes have come to the forefront in the last few years, overtaking issues related to regulation and compliance". The nature of regional airport's limited revenue opportunities and high capital and operating costs mean many require financial assistance to continue operation. Ms Wilkie urged "the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments do more to invest in…aviation access for regional and remote communities across Australia". AAA estimates there will be AUD170 million (USD127 million) funding gap over the next 10 years to maintain regional airports. [more - original PR]