ACI-NA calls on US Government to provide funding mechanism to improve airport infrastructure

13 February, 2018

ACI-NA called (12-Feb-2018) on the Trump Administration and Congress to identify a clear funding mechanism to address the infrastructure needs of US airports following the unveiling of the 'Rebuilding Infrastructure in America' proposal by US President Donald Trump. ACI-NA outlined airport infrastructure principles it believes should be addressed by the infrastructure plan:

  • Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) programme: ACI-NA believe Congress should give airports the "locally controlled self-help" they need to finance infrastructure projects by eliminating the federal cap on the PFC and streamline the application and approval process to reduce construction costs;
  • Airport Improvement Programme (AIP): According to ACI-NA, AIP needs to be updated by Congress. Needed updates to the programme include an increase in the amount of funding contributed annually to AIP and the creation of an airport terminal development grant programme;
  • Land-use regulation: ACI-NA said Congress should eliminate the requirement for US FAA approval for airports to dispose, use, or lease non-airfield property purchased without federal funding. Congress should also eliminate the requirement that FAA approve non-aeronautical improvements;
  • Bonds: ACI-NA said Congress should maintain the tax-exempt status of public purpose municipal bonds and private activity bonds to ensure that airports can continue to finance critical infrastructure projects. In addition, Congress should exclude interest earned on airport private activity bonds from the alternative minimum tax and allow advance refundings on all municipal bonds;
  • Airport Security Grant Programme: ACI-NA believe Congress should establish an airport security-focused grant programme at US TSA to support the deployment of perimeter, access control, automated screening lanes, and other security technology at airports. [more - original PR]