Adria Airways rescinds plans for Bern Belp Airport services due to resurgence of SkyWork Airlines

1 November, 2017

Adria Airways withdrew (01-Nov-2017) from planned engagement at Bern Belp Airport, due to "the resumption of flight operations of SkyWork Airlines". As previously reported by CAPA, Adria Airways Switzerland aircraft were planned to operate from Bern to Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Vienna from 06-Nov-2017, as a result of the expiry of SkyWork Airlines' operating licence. Adria Airways CEO Arno Schuster said the airline is "pleased that SkyWork Airlines has managed to regain the operating licence so quickly". He concluded: "Bern is a very attractive market, and we will continue to seize opportunities in the market in the future". [more - original PR - German]