Aeromexico: New 737 MAX likely to be used to open new routes, but not necessarily to expand network

3 June, 2018

Aeromexico chief revenue officer Anko van der Werff, speaking on CAPA TV, stated (03-Jun-2018) that the airline will certainly use its new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to introduce new routes, but not necessarily to expand the range of its Americas network. "The range we have currently is fine. Bogota and Lima in some months we still have weight restrictions. When you look up north beyond Vancouver there is not a lot more so I think the circle as much is pretty much drawn with where you can go with the MAX. You can't really go further beyond", he said. However, the MAX will be used to open new markets, explained Mr van der Werff, but these will "probably be within that existing circle" with new routes to be announced as early as this week.