AirAsia Group CEO calls for consumers to speak out against 'unjustifiable' airport fees

26 June, 2018

AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes, via his official Facebook and Twitter accounts, said (25-Jun-2018) the airline continues to fight for lower airport fees, particularly at Kuala Lumpur International Airport terminal 2 (KLIA2), where the fee is the same as the main terminal (KLIA1) despite the terminals offering "completely different levels" of facilities and services. Mr Fernandes called for Malaysian consumers to speak out against "the unjustifiable charges" and said Malaysia Airports and the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) "need to listen to Malaysians". Regarding MAVCOM's role, Mr Fernandes stated: "MAVCOM claims it's protecting passengers. How can they when they want to raise airport tax and make KLIA1 and KLIA2 the same airport tax when it's clear that KLIA2 is vastly inferior to KLIA1". He said: "We truly believe that it isn't fair for passengers to be charged the same airport tax between KLIA[1] and KLIA2", and added: "I have always dreamed of an aviation industry free from political intervention and one where decisions are based on merits and where healthy competition exists".