Airbus confirms plans to start test flights for A321XLR in 2022

8 July, 2020

Airbus confirmed (06-Jul-2020) it plans to commence flight testing of the A321XLR in 2022, and expects service entry from 2023. The A321XLR will provide airlines with a range of up to 4700nm and a 30% lower fuel burn and CO2 emissions per seat compared with previous generation competitor aircraft. The aircraft features a permanent high capacity hold tank, modified landing gear for an increased maximum takeoff weight of 101 tonnes, uprated brakes, and an optimised wing trailing edge flap configuration to preserve the same takeoff performance and engine thrust requirements as the current A321neo. By early 2020, the first long lead components for the initial A321XLR flight test aircraft were already in production, including the main landing gear forgings by Safran and the first parts for the centre wingbox by Airbus in Nantes. To date, 24 customers have ordered more than 450 A321XLRs. [more - original PR]