Airbus: Skywise growth underscores how fast digital transformation is advancing in aviation

20 June, 2019

Airbus' Digital Transformation Office head Marc Fontaine reported (19-Jun-2019) the exponential growth of users of the Skywise open data platform underscores how fast digital transformation is advancing in aviation. Airbus described the digital transformation process as a "major challenge", with Mr Fontaine noting "there is no textbook on how to apply digital transformation to industrial systems such as aerospace and aviation". In reviewing Airbus' digital transformation to date, Mr Fontaine said one of the lessons learned was that multiple "digital foundations" are needed to be put in place, including information management and data governance. Companies such as Airbus have previously focussed on the core capabilities of engineering, manufacturing and supply, and information management has become an integral part of the company's function, as it is "becoming blended in everything we do today – from design and manufacturing to services" Mr Fontaine explained. [more - original PR]