Airbus Ventures: Start up tech companies and other newcomers 'changed the landscape' of aerospace

26 June, 2018

Airbus Ventures general partner Francois Auque stated "Newcomers are using methods, technologies, business models, which were before disconnected from aerospace, have entered into the sector", adding: "Thanks to that, they have changed the landscape" (Aviation Business, 25-Jun-2018). "The goal of Airbus Venture is to invest in selected start-ups, which are today not in aerospace and have a broader scope, but which we believe can change the future of aerospace", he said. Airbus Ventures' portfolio comprises 21 investments with 60% based in the US. He concluded: "We have made six investments in digital design and manufacturing... this is very important for aerospace.... In aerospace, development cost is very high, compared to production cost... We believe through digitisation, we can reduce the relevant cost by 40%".