Airservices Australia to implement new SID/STARs at Hobart Airport based on more consultation

22 November, 2017

Airservices Australia stated (22-Nov-2017) it has "listened to the concerns raised by the community" on flight path changes for aircraft arriving into or departing from Hobart Airport, introduced on 14-Sep-2017. The changes concern services on standard terminal arrival routes (STARs) and standard instrument departure routes (SIDs). Following implementation, Airservices acknowledged community consultation "was not adequate". Airservices said it intends to implement an "alternative flight path" into Hobart Airport based on safety, air traffic management and community feedback. The alternative flight path will see aircraft move further away and provide an improved noise outcome for some existing affected areas starting from Kellevie in the north to Dunalley in the south. According to Airservices' official website, four alternatives are being considered. Implementation is planned for completion in Mar-2018. [more - original PR]