Airways publishes inaugural drone report, only 60% of operators always comply with regulations

24 May, 2018

Airways New Zealand published (24-May-2018) its inaugural "drone report", which concludes while the New Zealand drone services market "is taking off", safety remains "a major concern". Based on a national survey of drone operators, the report provides an in-depth look at how drones are being used both recreationally and commercially. Key findings include:

  • 60% of drone users report always ensuring strict compliance with civil aviation rules and regulations when they operate, while 37% attempt to comply where possible;
  • 60% of drone users support mandatory registration and 59% support compulsory training;
  • 41% of users always ensure they have the correct land approvals for a flight.

Airways also issue a business outlook for the drone services market. 70% of businesses are expecting an increase in demand for their services over the next year, with 20% expecting a significant increase. 33% of businesses are expecting to hire more staff over the next year. The average number of new hires is four. However, 43% of commercial drone operators say some aspects of the civil aviation rules and regulations need to change to better support the growth of New Zealand's drone industry. [more - original PR]