Alitalia kept aloft by partnerships in the past, but has suffered from too many masters

3 May, 2018

CAPA - Centre for Aviation, in a reported entitled: 'Alitalia's culture of losses continues. Partners are hard to find', stated (03-May-2018) Alitalia has 39 codeshare partners, is a SkyTeam member and is part of SkyTeam's immunised North Atlantic JV. It previously participated in JVs with Air France-KLM on Italy-France and Italy-Netherlands. It was also the recipient of minority equity investments from Air France-KLM in 2009 and Etihad Airways in late 2014. However, a year after entering administration in May-2017, Alitalia is still operating thanks to government loans that are now the subject of an EU state aid investigation. Alitalia has been kept aloft by partnerships in the past, but has also suffered from having too many masters. Outright ownership by another airline might have allowed it to import a more profit focused culture. [more - CAPA Analysis]