Allianz Partners: Travel from US to Europe to increase 55% in summer 2023

16 May, 2023

Allianz Partners reported (15-May-2023) the number of people travelling from the US to Europe is expected to increase 55% year-on-year in summer 2023. Details include:

  • Top destinations:
    • London: Accounting for 25% of bookings;
    • Paris;
    • Dublin;
    • Rome;
    • Reykjavik;
    • Edinburgh;
    • Athens;
    • Amsterdam;
    • Lisbon;
    • Milan: Entering the top 10 for the first time since Allianz's survey commenced in 2015. Barcelona exited the top 10 for the first time;
  • Trip length:
    • Seven days: 80% of American travellers to Europe;
    • Eight days: 11%.

The results are based on flight itineraries for trips of five to eight days between Memorial Day on 29-May-2023 and Labor Day on 04-Sep-2023. [more - original PR]