ALPA outlines arbitrator's ruling for WestJet, Swoop pilots

12 June, 2018

Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) confirmed (11-Jun-2018) the arbitrator ruled that WestJet pilots will operate Swoop aircraft, and determined the seniority of pilots already hired at Swoop. Swoop will recognise ALPA as the exclusive bargaining agent for all Swoop pilots, who will be on the airline's one seniority list. The parties also agree a bargaining unit encompassing pilots employed by both WestJet and Swoop is appropriate for collective bargaining. WestJet and ALPA will now make a joint application to the Canada Industrial Relations Board to amend ALPA's bargaining certificate to include Swoop. The parties also agreed that WestJet and Swoop are common employers. [more - original PR]