ALTA warns Argentina of 'severe' consequences of restricting aviation until Sep-2020

28 April, 2020

ALTA, via its official LinkedIn account, announced (27-Apr-2020) the Government of Argentina's Resolution 144/2020 puts at risk the travel and tourism industries in Argentina. The resolution extends restrictions to air travel until 01-Sep-2020. ALTA stated: "The decision directly affects the whole aviation industry in Argentina and the region". ALTA added that airports will face a "severe situation" as they will continue operating with their respective costs to serve cargo and humanitarian services, "however, without passenger services, activity which represents over 80% of its revenues". ALTA stated that the travel and tourism industry in Argentina generates 10% of the country's GDP and 9.4% of jobs, with around two million job positions. [more - original PR - English] [more - original PR - Spanish]