Amadeus and Flight Centre announce strategic partnership to drive progress with NDC

26 March, 2018

Flight Centre Travel Group and Amadeus announced (26-Mar-2018) a strategic partnership to drive progress with the NDC. Flight Centre will provide input into the design for Amadeus' NDC-enabled solution for travel sellers, a major milestone for Amadeus' recently announced NDC-X programme. Flight Centre will specifically provide distribution technology for Flight Centre's business across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia and will also be a driver customer in the creation of Amadeus' new NDC-enabled solution for business and retail travel agencies. The two companies will work together, with Flight Centre providing input into Amadeus' design and build of an NDC-enabled solution. Amadeus has already started to collaborate with several airlines to define a solution that gives travel agents access to travel content using the NDC standard. Flight Centre's travel agents will adopt a range of Amadeus solutions in the following markets: EMEA (UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, South Africa, Namibia, and UAE) and Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and India). In Australia and New Zealand, Amadeus will also provide technology solutions for some of Flight Centre's online travel agency businesses. [more - original PR]