Amadeus: Consumer revolution taking place, with 'data in the driver’s seat'

12 September, 2017

Amadeus IT Group VP, provider offer management, travel channels David Doctor, via the official Amadeus blog, reported (11-Sep-2017) there is a consumer revolution taking place, with businesses speeding up and "putting data in the driver's seat". According to Mr Doctor:

  • As successful digital retailers set new and higher expectations from consumers, aviation will need to respond. Aviation players will need to focus on consumer priorities across 'product, service, and convenience':
    • Consumers expect the same level of service, personalisation, and consistency across channels;
    • Simplify the experience: Enable consumers to start, stop and take up again across multiple devices and channels;
    • Personalisation: Understand and anticipate consumer needs and offer relevant offers at the relevant time;
  • Data-driven decisions: It is not only about the data, it is about getting actionable insights from the data;
  • For any new technology to deliver on its full potential, it needs to be integrated with core travel industry systems and a part of a full omni-channel strategy;
  • LCCs are already successful retailers, adopters of new technologies and their business model is more digitally focused. [more - original PR]