American Airlines Los Angeles-Christchurch service 'will be well used': Christchurch Airport

28 October, 2019

Christchurch International Airport chief aeronautical officer and chief commercial officer Justin Watson reported (29-Oct-2019) American Airlines' recently announced seasonal service from Los Angeles to Christchurch "will be well used - in both directions". He noted the service is expected to create an additional NZD52 million (USD33 million) in visitor spend for New Zealand, with NZD40 million (USD25 million) to be in the South Island regions. Americans entering New Zealand through Christchurch "spend 32% more and stay 34% longer than if they arrive elsewhere", he said, adding they "spend 77% of their time in the regions of the South Island, compared to the American visitor average of 51%". The new service will create the "ideal combination of national value impact and regional economic impact", he stated. [more - original PR]