American Airlines partnership with JetBlue Airways to be 'pretty broad', 'little unconventional'

28 July, 2020

American Airlines Group chief revenue officer Vasu Raja said the company expects a "pretty broad partnership" with JetBlue Airways, with "extensive codesharing back and forth, frequent flyer benefits and a big amount of corporate dealing" (Seeking Alpha, 23-Jul-2020). "We envision being able to take out things like 50 seat regional jets", which are in "many ways" uncompetitive products in points such as New York or Boston, he noted. The carrier also expects to "grow its mainline presence" in New York JFK and New York LaGuardia by arranging a "number of slot moves". Mr Raja noted American and JetBlue's partnership will act as a "huge benefit" for passengers and staff, observing the partnership "may be a little unconventional from traditional co-shares in the past".