American Airlines to modify first class onboard certain aircraft

22 August, 2019

American Airlines CFO Derek Kerr stated the carrier plans to modify some first class features onboard certain aircraft, pursuant to its "Project Oasis" reconfiguration in 2017 (Skift/Simple Flying, 20/21-Aug-2019). Mr Kerr noted these features were "not done properly" when originally rolled out, which elicited complaints from passengers. The seats "didn't have some storage underneath", he noted, adding they also didn't have iPad or cup holders. Approval for these changes are in place, and "all aircraft will be modified". An American Airlines spokeswoman said these modifications are expected to commence from spring 2020. The carrier reportedly ceased all aircraft modifications during summer 2019, but is expected to resume retrofits of older first class cabins from Sep-2019 while the carrier awaits approval from the US FAA for modification of the newer first class cabins. Additionally, the carrier plans to retrofit aircraft with either American Airlines or US Airways interiors to the same specifications, pursuant to the carrier's merger with US Airways in 2013. Mr Kerr stated: "The Oasis Project is really about conformity, and trying to make things easier on the operation".