Andes GM: 'There has to be an important rethinking of [Argentina's] commercial aviation policy'

11 September, 2019

Andes Lineas Aereas is reportedly three months behind on wages for its 320 personnel (Airgways, 10-Aug-2019). Andes GM Horacio Preneste stated: "The situation is complicated for the whole market due to the [currency] devaluation, the recession and the inflation", adding that "With the LCC low fare policy all becomes more severe and since the devaluation in Aug-2019, the situation became very complex". Mr Preneste mentioned that the LCCs caused an oversupply in the market, without oversight of dumping policies. The carrier is prioritising paying wages and maintaining current jobs, "we have put for sale several assets". Mr Preneste added: "I think there has to be an important rethinking of the commercial aviation policy".