ARC/Expedia: Intra-Asia traveller volumes driving international arrivals

14 December, 2017

Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and Expedia, via their joint '2018 Air Travel Outlook Report' released (12-Dec-2017), the following insights into international economy and premium passenger flows to top airport destinations:

  • Asia: ARC's data revealed intra-Asia traveller volumes are driving international arrivals to airports across Asia and much of this is concentrated within North Asia;
    • Bangkok, Hong Kong, Seoul and Taiwan are the key economy travel hubs;
    • Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Shanghai and Tokyo are the key premium travel hubs;
  • North America: US inbound international traffic flows vary widely by destination, driven by a variety of flight origins within Europe, Asia and Latin America as top feeder markets to the busiest US airports;
    • New York is the top inbound economy travel hub for the US;
    • New York and Los Angeles are the key premium travel hubs in North America;
  • Europe: London is the key feeder of passenger volumes to the busiest destinations;
  • Asia-origin flights (Flights with segments originating in North Asia):
    • Shanghai, Taipei and Seoul are fueling inbound travel to key European airports/cities;
    • Dubai is the hub of Middle East travel into London and Paris/Europe for economy cabin travelers;
  • Latin America: Cancun dominates the region. Cancun's popularity is predominantly driven by international economy travel from the US. [more - original PR]