ATPCO enhances its model for dynamic pricing, adding three approach model

1 October, 2019

ATPCO announced (01-Oct-2019) it has enhanced its model for dynamic pricing, now enabling airlines to complement their standard pricing (pre-filed fares) with a new dynamic pricing model. ATPCO stated the new approaches will significantly increase the speed at which airlines can get more price points out to the market, including personalised pricing to consumers. The model is made up of three different approaches:

  • Approach one, known as Optimised Pricing, expands ATPCO's standard pricing with pre-determined offers. This enables an airline to increase the number of price points with Dual reservation booking designator (RBD) or more frequent updates using machine learning and upload APIs;
  • Approach two, known as Adjusted Pricing, which uses an airline's Dynamic Pricing Engine (DPE) to choose pre-filed fares (DPE Predefined Price) or adjust a filed product (DPE Generated Price). ATPCO also announced that its Adjusted Pricing Implementation Guide is now live with the full package of standards being defined in partnership with the industry. ATPCO and its product teams have already started supporting the new approaches and have begun the implementation of the standards. The guide explains in detail how airlines can implement different versions of Adjusted Pricing;
  • The third approach, Continuous Pricing, enables fully personalised offers with minimum/maximum pricing or bid pricing. [more - original PR]