Australian Bureau of Statistics: Jun-2020 tourism jobs fell by 15%

1 October, 2020

Australian Bureau of Statistics outlined (29-Sep-2020) the following experimental estimates of tourism labour statistics for the Jun-2020 quarter. Key details include:

  • In the Jun-2020 quarter, there were 611,700 tourism filled jobs, representing:
    • A decrease of 15.1% (-109,000) from Jun-2019 quarter compared to a 5.1% (-736,400) fall in the whole economy;
    • A decrease of 12.9% (-90,800) from Mar-2020 quarter compared to a 6.1% (-877,700) fall in the whole economy;
    • The lowest number of tourism filled jobs since Jun-2014 quarter;
    • 4.5% of filled jobs in the economy, the lowest proportion on record;
  • Tourism jobs peaked at 748,200 in Dec-2019 and are now at the lowest level (611,700) since Jun-2014;
  • More females work in tourism than males, with a reduction of 88,100 (-21.5%) female jobs compared to a fall of 48,300 (-14.3%) for males;
  • While there are more full time workers in tourism than part time, part time jobs were impacted more with the loss of 87,800 (-24.0%) jobs compared to 48,600 (-12.7%) full time jobs;
  • From Jun-2019 quarter to Jun-2020 quarter, the tourism industries with the largest changes in the number of jobs were:
    • Cafes, restaurants and takeaway food services: -34,200 jobs (-15.6%);
    • Accommodation: -24,000 jobs (-26.5%);
    • Sports and recreation services: -11,500 jobs (-39.7%). [more - original PR]