Avia Solutions Group: Nth American carriers pursuing strategies to curb pilot shortages

25 July, 2018

Avia Solutions Group (ASG) reported (23-Jul-2018) North American carriers are taking the following steps and strategic approaches to curb a shortage of pilots:

  • Actively hiring pilots and making workforce investments;
  • Promoting pilot careers to young people to get them interested in flying;
  • Using social media to launch recruitment campaigns;
  • Promoting aviation careers to women to redress the industry gender imbalance;
  • Conducting special events to provide job and networking opportunities.

According to ASG, pilots in the US "still face some contextually-determined industry problems", with first officers taking 15 years or more to qualify as captains, while in "certain parts of Asia" this process can take just one to two years. ASG also added there are signs of a pilot shortage in Canada as well, with growing competition for staff among northern airlines and national companies, forcing regional carriers to cut back service. [more - original PR]