Azul: 'There’s a lot of people playing against' entry in the Rio-Sao Paulo market

17 June, 2019

Azul Linhas Aereas CEO John Rodgerson, via Programa Show Business' official YouTube account, commented (13-Jun-2019) on its bid to acquire Avianca Brazil's assets, which includes slots at the saturated Sao Paulo Congonhas Airport, stating: "There's a lot of people playing against, specially our competition". He added: "Our competitors wanted to block us from getting in the Air Bridge (Rio de Janeiro SDU-Sao Paulo CGH)". Mr Rodgerson stated that Azul placed a bid for Avianca Brazil's assets and Gol Linhas Aéreas and LATAM Airlines Brazil "looked at what Azul wanted from Avianca Brazil" and sought avenues to prevent Azul from entering the Air Bridge. He added that Azul has 13 slots at Sao Paulo CGH, Avianca had 21 while Gol and LATAM have 135 each, so, "if uniting Azul and Avianca Brazil (slots) we'd still be very humble, still very small" in the market, but "they did not want us to get those noble/prime slots". He added that "for now" the carrier will not be able to enter the Air Bridge, but "I have confidence in Brazil… I believe the Government will do something to help us enter the Air Bridge".