BAC and Airservices Australia complete two flight checks on Brisbane Airport new runway

25 May, 2020

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) and Airservices Australia completed (23-May-2020) two flight checks on Brisbane Airport's new runway on 23-May-2020. BAC completed the first 'touch and go', undertaken by turboprop equipment, and Airservices' flight check tested the approaches to the runway from the north and south without touching down. The first official passenger jet landing and departure is scheduled to take place on 12-Jul-2020. Prior to the flight check, Airside Operations will complete a runway serviceability inspection. These flight checks are part of several test flights which have been conducted since Mar-2020 and form part of the wider Operational Readiness and Testing programme. The new runway will open on 12-Jul-2020. [more - original PR]