Bangkok Airways to undertake passenger services system migration on 13-Jul-2019

13 June, 2019

Bangkok Airways reported (12-Jun-2019) it will undertake a migration of its passenger services system on 13-Jul-2019. The migration will include the carrier's reservation & ticketing and departure control system, resulting in the following services becoming unavailable. Before and during transition period, certain services will be unavailable as follow:

  • Payments: Credit cards will be the only viable payment option between 17:00 on 11-Jul-2019 until 04:00 on 14-Jul-2019;
  • Online check-in: Unavailable from 22:00 on 11-Jul-2019 until 06:00 on 15-Jul-2019;
  • Mobile application: Reservation and modification services will be unavailable from 11-Jul-2019, with new update required upon resumption of service;
  • Repayment service: Terminated from 11-Jul-2019;
  • Reservations via website and call center: Unavailable from 17:00 on 13-Jul-2019 until 04:00 on 14-Jul-2019. [more - original PR]