Beijing Capital Airlines interested in Cape Verde services

13 November, 2017

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated (06-Nov-2017) it would seek to enhance mutually beneficial cooperations with Cape Verde on five key areas including tourism. Meanwhile, Beijing Capital Airlines is interested in operating to Cape Verde, with an agreement being negotiated between Cape Verde and China for such a service, according to Cape Verde Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defence Luís Filipe Tavares (Inforpress/, 10-Nov-2017). "On air transport there is the possibility of an air agreement with China to allow a Chinese company, Capital Airlines, to fly to take tourists to Cape Verde, just as the international TACV would fly to China to come and get Chinese tourists", the Minister said. Negotiations have already begun and are expected to be completed by mid-2018, providing TACV the potential to operate to China. [more - original PR]